DPP’s Wa Jeffrey maintains political banter against UTM

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Gresdler  Jeffrey wa Jeffrey continued her political banter againt the breakaway United Transformation Movement (UTM) of State vice president Saulos Klaus Chilima, calling the movement  leaders a ‘frustrated lot’ that did not achieve their ulterior wishes to steal from Malawians and impose Chilima as leader on DPP and its membership.

Jeffrey: Attacks UTM at a rally in Karonga

Speaking at Baka Ground in Karonga where DPP treasurer general Jappie Mhango acddressed a political rally, Jeffrey claimed UTM was born out of frustration by Chilima.

She described UTM as a “party of babies” and full of jealousy .

Said Jeffrey: “UTM is  not   a party, it is just an organisation of frustrated individuals who hada  plan to steal the DPP  party, they started printing T-shirts and making  noise that he would stand during the convention . But thanks to the people who resoundingly supported President Peter Mutharika to continue ruling the country for the next five years.”

Jeffery said the movement’s leadership is insulting Malawians’ intelligence “by promising them the moon”.

“Malawians will not be fooled to believe their lies about economic emancipation,” said Wa Jeffrey.

“The DPP has already achieved and Malawians have eyes to see how much President Mutharika and his government had transformed this country, socially and economically,” she said,

In his remarks, Mhango amplified on the point the various development projects that the DPP government has done in the Northern Regon.

Mhango cited projects such as the Jenda-Edingeni, Songwe Karonga and Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay roads as well as the Mzimba  Karong and Chitipa water projects.

Other politicians who attended the rally included Karonga south legislature Malani Mtonga, Karonga north west MP John Bond Kamwambi, Presidential aide Vuwa Kawunda, Khwauli Msiska and Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

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Jeffrey should be done SCO lines for bringing DPP into disrepute. Their so called leader Peter had called out all those who believe in politics are f character assasination to olimmediately stop the following nbecoming behavioir. He even threatened to lock up those who continue castigating him in public. Here we are, one don hisnown, doing the very same thing he’s condemning. Is he truly a leader of the party or there are people running the party. It may be that Callista was correct in her assessment. The party is led by DPP hooligans. Peter has long lost control. How… Read more »


Akumva pain, mmalo momakamba zina nkhani izingokhala ya UTM? KOMA MAYI AMENEYU


I wouldn’t call it political banter. Rather it is hate speech. Shameless lies aimed at insulting the intelligence or rural Malawians. Since when is competing at a convention “kufuna kuba chipani”? How stupid is this woman?

Its this same nonsensical attitude of withholding road projects until near the elections, thinking Malawians are so foolish. Munali kuti nthawi yonseyi ndi ndalama zathu agalu inu?

By the way, what was the process if the first lady’s Beam enterprise winning exclusive contracts with city assemblies? She’s making a killing.


kkkkk the poor woman is fighting for her 70billion hahaha forget it you stupid woman

Malawi Citizen

Winanso uyu, kaya mukuti ndani kaya “AZAFA IMFA YOWAWA”. The country is watching!!

Nzika ya Malawi

Koma anthu kusiya ntchito zawo kumakamvera zopusazo? Kutakhala kwathu kuno sindingayerekeze kupita kumsonkhano wa DPP. Bola kukasewera phada


Mai Jeffrey we are sorry but we are not happy with DPP so we are willing to try anything new, anything, even if they promise to take Malawians to Mars for a better life other than having a party that has no idea about ruling the country


If there are worst politicians in this country its Jeff and nchacha.These are the people spoiling the party and Malawi as a nation.Minus these two cadets,Dpp woudnt be devided.They are not singing from the same hym book,Nankhumwa preaches peace and unity,so is Jappie

Ambele Kwacheni Banda

Anthu kusowa kwa Baka, DPP spoke to friends only, zavutatu apa. Bola MCP anthu akumatulukako


UTM started it all by insulting DPP and its leadership. In Malawi culture we respect edge.

Agenda Setting Theory

yes we respect edge because we are on the edge to change the government