Dzuka Malawi: DPP’s mathematics not adding up, the road getting tougher

The removal of Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa, marked the official start of the DPP 2019 campaign. I told a friend at Capital Hill, wait until you see what happens- shake ups will follow. True, a little Cabinet shake up to bring in Nicholasi Dausi, then the decision to take reforms to OPC where they have failed for almost 80 times before and finally shake up of Principal Secretaries and other Government structures. Add the new Cadet infested boards of statutory corporations, you can conclude.

Apart from stripping him one programme he was given and successfully changed perception of public service within a short time, Vice President Soulosi Chilima has slowly become a target of smear campaign, slowly isolated and since I do not watch state owned MBC, I am informed that he is a persona non-grata. Unfortunately for the DPP, Chilima has an innocent face and many Malawians look at him as a sober one among some old men, some vehemently and unapologetically tribalists.

The DPP in 2009 after winning the confidence of the whole country, decided to make itself more tribal and forget everyone who supported them. After the death of Bingu you would expect the party that was given a second chance by Malawians to change. Instead, since late last year, it is engaging in a gear, internal fights and removing people like Chilima who enjoy warm public support to its name.

The DPP in 2009 won its second term, it had a national face and strong characters- people like Goodall Gondwe, Nick Masebo, Frank Mwenefumbo, Khumbo Kachali and even Harry Mkandawire marshalled the North. The MCP/UDF alliance had not chance. Today, DPPs Vice Pesident Dr. George Chaponda showed the whole Northern Region a middle finger. And nobody has taken steps to ensure the North matters since then.

The public perception is growing that DPP is corrupt and tribalistic. Chapondas hoarding of crucial foreign exchange and the slow paced conclusions especially on money charges towards him and the news that Foster Mulumbe is back at Admarc after recommended disciplinary action has not been meted.

The problem for DPP it forgets that radios cover all these and information is flowing to even the voters.

The biggest blow now is the Supreme Court ruling, calling for a re-run of Lilongwe City South East constituency. There were murmurs that DPP stole elections, these seem to be confirmed by the ruling. The DPP should wake up and play the game, give funding quickly to MEC and have elections in 60 days.

The only problem is that strong campaigners like Patricia Kaliati have been damaged by internal fights so too Central Region power movers like Dr. Jean Kalirani. Add that to the Vice President and other sober people, DPP in Central Region is at its weakest point.

From the time of Chimunthu Banda and Bintony Kutsaira, the party has reverted to Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba and Francis Mphepo, two old men nobody really likes in any of the regional party structures. To tell you how confused the party is, they take a cashgate suspect Gleselder Jeff wa Jeffrey as Secretary General, really Mr. President, what is being smoked up there. The DPP is facing challenge to clear its image, you take someone who had similar charges to be your top gun! Komatu ngati kuli kulodzedwa!

So in short, North looks like a middle finger pointed by Chaponda wont be withdrawn, Centre sober faces like Chilima and Kalirani are ostracised for non-likable Ntaba and the Lutepo of the K187 million scam is the Secretary General. I wont write about the Southern Region where real politicians are sidelined and the DPP is almost dead in Nsanje, Chikwawa, Neno and even Balaka. Last week I was in Balaka, where roads are almost impassable now- even the road to the First Lady’s home.

The DPP’s choices are limited. Perhaps Ben Phiri as the cadets suggest could help improve things, perhaps the President might need to hire a political researcher and get a copy of the truth on the ground soon or may be a strategist that has multiskilling in everything.

24 months before the election day, none of the new Universities including Mombera in Mzimba has taken off, none of the works at Nsanje port has progressed, none of the reforms have worked out, the baby face of DPP Chilima is isolated, the most trusted Ministers all face corruption allegations. The strategy by DPP is to refute, drag Uladi Mussa to police cells increasing his popularity and telling lies to the President.

The DPP, a ruling party could not convince 30 people to vote for its Mayors in Lilongwe and Mzuzu. And it believes it can convince 3 million voters to vote for them. The drama is real. The real waking up is coming.

Mr. President, if nothing happens between now and December, and you keep the same team of advisers and strategists. You might do “ka Joice Banda” heading down to USA, where Trump is not very kind. Everytime you go on that MBC programme- they don’t even give you correct facts, making you look like aloof.

Dzuka Malawi, 2019, we could see another tumble of a President. It will be exciting now to change Presidents every five years, like we do in my beloved constituency of Blantyre City Central! I believe, Chilima, Atupele and the other young brilliant minds in MCP can come together and find a new direction for our country! Zikutilaka ndeu za nkhalambazi!

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15 thoughts on “Dzuka Malawi: DPP’s mathematics not adding up, the road getting tougher”

  1. Mzika says:

    Let me tell you ( writer) you are wasting your time because many people in Malawi they don’t believe in fake news you are posting here. we have realize that its only DPP that have well fair of the people at heart country wide, our beloved president Prof. Peter Muthaika once said no body is going to die from hunger and it has proven to be true, Chakwera called for the revolt people did not show up including members of his own pary therefore let me warm you, inu pamodzi ndi okutumaniwo simudzapeza mwayi olamulira dziko la Malawi. athu ambiri timakonda chipani cha DPP ndipo simungatisuthe mungovutika. ife a DPP sitimakonda zolankhula kapena kunyoza koma timangokwanitsa kuchita vofuna za amalawi ambiri. choncho mudziwe kuti mukutaya nthawi yanu pachabe ndipo khulupililani.

  2. nabanda says:

    Chilima is overrated by DPP haters. He is undoubtedly a man of good reputation and principles but the achievements heaped on him are not his achievements.

  3. Byron says:

    If Chakwera is not the perfect choice for president,a duo of Chlima and Atupele or Chilima and Sidik Mia could mark a good beginning for Malawi. Chakwera and Bowler could be an alternative combination. I have great respect for all these gentlemen,but Atupele needs to be his own man and not follow his father’s style of leadership. Malawi needs a new generation of leaders with the energy to think wisely and formulate aggressive policies that are immediate problem solvers for the country’s stagnated economy. I still believe Malawi can be an economic miracle of the region if not Africa.

  4. Adzigido says:

    Am afraid, that if DPP sidelines Chilean as evidenced by some few facts on the ground, it gonna see the wrath of Malawi. I voted for this part in 2009, but now mmmmmm what a waste.

  5. Zoona says:

    On the reforms you are wrong. Chi Lima has not delivered and to say the civil service achieved nothing before Chilimas reforms is stupid. Remember the Reforms unit was formed by civil servants and a great deal was achieved. The decentralisation of teachers salaries was planned and executed by civil servants through the FROIP PROJECT. The National Registration project is not Chilimas baby. The Road Traffic MALTIS project was conceived by the civil servants. The Civil Servants know more about Reforms than Chilima unfortunately their ideas are never accepted. Does Chilima think that he is better at Reforms that all civil servants? If you listen to the Reforms being signed you wonder why we are celebrating nonsense. If you people want to install Chilima as president don’t do it by lying. The Reforms that have worked could have worked without DPP. Remember most of the initiatives were not started by politicians but civil servants. Being VP is not a ticket to the Presidency. The party will decide and if Chilima thinks he is being unfairly treated the solution is for him to quit. Only God almighty will give us a leader.

  6. Ngalamayi says:

    If you have the power, ability to steal the election, what the people vote and want doesn’t matter: they won’t get it!

  7. Anderson Benson says:

    Myself I am a young professional and do believe that there are challenges facing the party, but then it is not the inverse with the opposition. Its not like MCP and the other briefcase parties have now amassed the support needed to win the elections.

    That being said, note that some of us are Bingu DPP die-hards, and we will work with the people on the grassroots door to door campaigns like we always do. Ensuring that we get a majority of our supporters to the pools and not on Whats-app and Facebook analysis paralysis.

    We will ensure that we have a well oiled machine on the ground, with proper qualified and motivated monitors.

    Analyse and smear all you want, but DPP is a movement, its a party of the people. Most of these parties are just digital parties or social media parties with no structures and no ground game.

    We will look at the AfroBarometer and counter whatever challenges that we have and further analyse the weakening of PP (Or death thereof), including a review of how strong MCP is in the north, urban centre and the south (or the inverse).

  8. odya ban says:

    The problem with APM and his DPP is the belief in what I call self-righteousness. They believe they have already won the election in 2019. They don’t care about the dwindling public perception. The challenge is the adviser who tells the president the truth is not liked and often times booted out. Shock defeat is on the card. Advice to DPP, your election rigging tactics are well known and they will countered this time around. Please stop killing people, stop theft and corruption if you want to remain in power. Time is running out for you.

  9. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery ArchMissile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    In 2014, I voted for DPP for its Bingu legacy but now I know I Made a mistake, so do some million voters are with me, so if DPP is thinking of 1994 strategy that the ruling does not lose let history teach them.

  10. Baba Maduapera says:

    Congrats Tariro for taking the DPP bull by the horns..You are undoubtedly spot on!!!

  11. muhoshai says:

    chakwela will be the next Malawi president in 2019

  12. matacha says:

    Well said. DPP by any standard has proven to be a waste of time to Malawians, atleast for now. Peter has failed to assemble a productive team and every thing is now in reverse gear. That can been clearly seen and observed by any objective citizen. Based on this performance, it is going to be very difficult to give Peter and his DPP another benefit of doubt as was the case with 36% win in 2014. They have caused a lot of suffering for Malawians. What is even worse is the fact that there is no hope for the better. They folks in the cuurent government lack startegic thinking such as the that of the econimic recovery plan during Amayi regime. The ERP, unfortunately was short lived, was a hope for quick relief from economic turmoil Malawians were faced with. Peter and his clueless team out of political selfishness decided to abandon it without putting alternatives to this present day. All what Peter has managed to do is to allow cash gate to re-flourish among his cabinet ministers and increase tribalism tendencies among Malawians. This is not the leadership!

  13. Harry The Rabid Mkandawire says:

    Ha ha ha ha… I am sorry the facts couldn’t possibly support your assertions that the DPP stole the election because of this one case. Out of the five or six cases that have gone through the courts, in only this case has MECs decision successfully been challenged. So to be clear 84 % of cases upheld MECs initial position and 17 % or 1 case was overturned. Cnclusion DPP stle the election. Ha ha ha

  14. Elder Sage iX says:

    That’s what happens when you go against the will of God….God lets you enjoy without any interference, then slowly you enter a self-destruct mode.

    It happened to MCP of the one party era who preached that they are ‘amuyaya’ meaning forever; then Bakili [Muluzi] thought he had all malawians on his lap – where is he now: in and out of courts. Then the immortal chitsulo-cha-njanje Bingu wa Mutharika came, went to the most extreme executive arrogance ever noted in the world, what happened to him you should all know by now; the last one was this Mrs know-it-all amai Joyce banda who thought she was malawians one and only solution but as fate had it, she was just clueless during general elections. You should know better where she is – in a self imposed exile.

    Do not play with God…….

  15. Ambulaje Ambuje says:

    Hear! Hear! Hear! For the first time I agree with this observation. The writer needs to be acknowledged for good observation and if I were in DPP leadership, I would have used this as a wise advice or engage this writer as one of DPP advisers. Thumbs up writer

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