Dzuka Malawi: Fire Chaponda or sink in 2019

The Parliamentary inquiry on maize saga was the most useless political committee ever instituted. The ones that went on air and paraded a biased inquiry that cannot stand in court. The Civil Society, jumped gun and went to court. They did Judge shopping and got joy. Those that know legal maxim- he who seeks equity must come with clean hands. The CSOs lied in their application through and through, including saying they could not afford a bag of maize, when they came to court in vehicles whose MWK50,000 fuel they paid cash.

I hate Malawis CSO’s, they spend 10 million kwachas to visit a one-million-kwacha project. Just like donors, they don’t see anything wrong with the disparity. The CSOs cherry pick issues just like the Church which is now full of charlatans. Justice cannot be selective.

The media was worse. They kept talking of Kaloswe whose contract was cancelled long time ago. The media houses mislead Malawians believing Chaponda stole MWK9 billion when money was not paid. I would call it mercenary journalism.

That’s how far I agree with President Peter Mutharika. Most advocates of the maizegate have had an agenda other than seeking the truth and justice. All of them missed the fact that Saviour Chishimba is just a Kamlepo of Zambia and that he had travelled to Malawi. Check records at Mwami border. Our investigators and journalists- desktop journalists are pathetic. I miss Raphael Tenthani,  Limbani Moya, Mavuto Banda, Bright Sonani and Kondwani Munthali. The guys could travel anywhere and get a story.

But the President has now gone beyond his own measure. His own appointed commission of distinguished lawyers tells him something is not adding up. He promises to act. He sends a letter to Parliament reinstating the suspicious character to lead the house. No Mr. President only Jacob Zuma has gone out and won at a huge cost of embarrassing scenes that Juju Malema and company give to whole world. I do not agree with Malema, but I agree that when people cant listen to reason, give them vulgar and savagery.

Anyway, lets assume the lawyer in the President, convinces him still to ensure that Chaponda is presumed innocent until found guilty though at his image expense. There is a small issue of character and responses. These people forgot even to mention Transglobe. They lied through and through.

Namalira saletsedwa kulira. Is an adage that means during funeral one is allowed to cry in any way they see it fit, even if they accuse you of being a witch.

The other day I wrote that Northerners are a gang that believe in praise singing if everything is going well for them. They are easy to use and dump in simple language.

But to hear Dr. George Chaponda M.P, A Yale Graduate and long time in exile and working among displaced people and a very senior Cabinet Minister, Vice President of the ruling party try to ferment regionalism, is beyond my small brain.

If Peter Mutharika did not have a reason to fire Chaponda, now he can demand that he resign as he has failed him. He has openly declared that the President, Government and DPP thinks all the northerners are against Southerners. And he does a further, goes on radio and proclaim it to the nation.

Dzuka Malawi, Dzuka APM. Tribalism, regionalism and anything else will cost DPP the few votes it found in other regions. The worst part is DPP has failed to make inroads, has failed to deliver as Late Bingu did and now, Chaponda apart from enhancing the image that DPP is corrupt, he has added one angle, fired up a whole region as useless. Unfortunately its not the first time.

2019 is only 27 months away. Fire Chaponda or sink in 2019 with him. Joyce Banda took long to fire Lipenga and Kasambala- she got the boot! Malawians now know a President can lose!

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Read the report again taliro


Koma nayeso watumiza post iyi wandidyera nthawi bwanji? Zaziiii

The most important thing is that money was going to be stollen except the thief was caught before the action. Money was going through trandglobe. But offcouse people like Taliro are too daft to see that. Money has been lost and will be lost. Anybody can see that ADMARC stand to lose millions in compasation and court processes. Offcourse the taliros of this world wouldnt see that. As for tribalism that is not an issue. Everybody knows that there is tribalism in Malawi. Tumbukas much as they hate southerners they would still vote DPP and it will not be first… Read more »

Ine sinnamve zomwe munthuyi walemba. Mukuti chani kodi boss? Is this a Nyasa Times article or what?

Kingster Bella

Firegate: The guy wanted to balance up so as to look nonpartisan, however, he miserably failed to link the two. The topic of the article is: Fire Chaponda or Sink in 2019, yet he concentrates much to the contrary & only in conclusion the subject is discussed.

The guy would be a great writer if he only knew how to link views one to another in correspondent with the subject at hand. Not being all over the place.

Geoffrey kamwendo



Kodi mukuti chani bwana Taliro? Lembani zomveka kuti tikawerenga timve.


pali chodzukira apa


Cant be true that the parliamentary Committee is the most useless…. their report is more enlightening than this article…..take time to read it. very objective it is

Bwanawe Tiesi
Dzuka Malawi, this is indeed powerful message. Congratulations and please keep it up! My advice to Mr. President is that; it is better for you to be silent or suspend Chaponda until all has settled down. This does not mean to say that all what people are saying against Chaponda is true? Absolutely no! of course some of the allegations may be true or completely not true. May be there are some enemies that are fighting to get Chaponda done with you as it is alleged that you are grooming him into presidency. Mr. President, the truth shall always prevail,… Read more »

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