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Joseph Bob Kombo

Those accusing the minister are missing the larger picture which the honourable is trying to portray. In my understanding the minister would want to challenge us that we can not answer the present challenges b using outdated knowledge. The current challenges such as climate change, global warming needs relevant approaches. The coming in of computers, cell phones etc needs a curriculum that will address such issues. The minister was not belittling anything but he wanted to make us open our eyes and move forward with time. With due respect this is my view on the matter


The Minister makes a good point about revising the curriculum to be more relevant but he, unfortunately, chose bad examples as has been commented on already by Dzambo. Deriding Maths always gets a laugh but those laughing are perpetuating the poor attitude that turns learners from a vital subject if engineers, scientists and numerate citizens are to educated. If you are not challenged to learn some of the basics, you are not going to have opportunity to go further with the subject.


Irrelevant minister! Don’t you know that dissecting frogs is a basis for biological sciences? Do you mean we should no longer teach biology? Don’t you also know that pythagoras theorems are building blocks to mathematical sciences.


You have missed his point. The world has changed and continues to change. In the digital and Internet of Things (IoT) world the need for dissecting frogs and pythagoras theorems will be de-emphasised. In order for our children to survive in that environment productively a different curriculum is required to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. The reason why you are where you are now Dzambo is because the lessons you learnt in class are not taking you to where you want to be. See, you are stuck in limbo.


Honourable Msaka you have just hit the nail on the head. This what we call visionary leadership of the present. If indeed the curriculum is revised in light of what you have articulated then Malawi will go somewhere with fully empowered children ready to tackle the 21st century world. Good thinking a bwana.