Exclusive: Prophet Bushiri shrugs off satanic talk, following Jesus footsteps

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) granted Nyasa Times an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

Nyasa Times: Can you describe yourself better, who is prophet Bushiri?

Bushiri:   Bushiri is a determined and charismatic young prophet with the zeal to preach the gospel in these end days

Nyasa Times: Tell us about the wealth you have, we hear your rich

Bushiri: I don’t have riches per say. It’s God in me who is wealthy.

Nyasa Times: Why do people say you are using church money to enrich yourself?

Prophet Bushiri: I am following the footsteps of Jesus
Prophet Bushiri: I am following the footsteps of Jesus

Bushiri: If all pastors are rich in the world then it must be true what people say of me. In your case, if pastors use church money, are they all rich?

Nyasa Times: You’re regarded as a controversial prophet, why is that so?

Bushiri: Without controversies there is no great and powerful leader. Even Jesus was criticized for being controversial by the leaders of His time

Nyasa Times: Are you comparing yourself to Jesus?

Bushiri: Am His servant and I am following His footsteps. Is that a bad thing to do? And if I was not following his steps, who would I be following?

Nyasa Times: Some people say Prophet Shepherd Bushiri run away from Malawi. How true is this?

Bushiri: How could you even ask that question yet you know this interview is happening in Malawi? People will always find things to say and find things not to say. In most cases, the commonly found things that people say are those that demean and belittle others.

Nyasa Times: Why are you always the topic that many people talk about you even in public commuter transports such as minibuses and they usually say bad things about you?

Bushiri: Really? Bad things like what?

Nyasa Times:  Some claim that you are using satanic powers to heal people

Bushiri: You know I am a Christian right?

Nyasa Times: Of course yes I know, but it’s not all who say Jesus this and Jesus that will enter heaven, that why some people still believe you may use some extraordinary magic to heal

Bushiri: If I heal in the name of Jesus and preach the bible yet I am healing people by satanic powers, surely, it means Satan has been a born again Christina which is not true and will never be. What Jesus said about Satan is that he comes to kill, steal and destroy. In my case, preaching and healing people is not destroying and killing.

Nyasa Times: So why do your fellow pastors from Malawi talk negatively about you?

Bushiri: If you are on top you become a topic and if you are a head you become a headliner

Nyasa Times: So you are on top?

Bushiri: You just said am the topic in minibuses.

Nyasa Times: So if you are on top why do they talk about you?

Bushiri: If people in a football ground are chasing one person, they he must have seen a ball in his legs. Luckily, I must be having a ball with me and that’s God’s grace.

Nyasa Times: How do you know you are a true prophet?

Bushiri: I know because even you have been interviewing me as a prophet of God not as a false prophet and I think if I was a fake, you could not waste your time coming to my office to interview me.

Nyasa Times: Then if you are a true prophet, tell me my mother’s name

Bushiri: Your mother’s name is Monica she died in 2004 and you will die 4 years from now

Nyasa Times: How do you know about my mother?

Bushiri: Don’t ask me about your mother; ask me how you can prevent the death coming on your way soon.

Nyasa Times: How can I prevent it?

Bushiri: You must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour.

Nyasa Times: That’s all?

Bushiri: Yes that’s all. If you accept Him, He will give you a new heart and you will change completely from this perverse and crooked generation.

Nyasa Times: What book are you reading now?

Bushiri: I am reading the best book ever.

Nyasa Times: Who is the author?

Bushiri: God

Nyasa Times: Which book is that?

Bushiri: Holy Bible

Nyasa Times: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, thank you for spending time and allowing me to ask you these questions.

Bushiri: You are welcome and may God bless you.

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