Female singer Matalinah Mwamlima to drop a single

Mzuzu-based female musician, Matalinah Mwamlima is set to drop a single titled ‘Hero’ on August 15.

Matalinah Mwamlima: God is the true Hero

In an interview, Mwamlima said the song was written when she was going through hard times in China where COVID-19 first broke out.

With the pandemic, she said she was stuck all alone indoors for over five months during which she faced a lot of challenges in general.

‘’There were still a lot of expectations and huge roles that I had to play despite being in a pickle myself.

“So many people needed me and required my help, which was alright,’’ Mwamlima said.

She said because of the hardships she faced, she could not help those that needed her to her best ability; in fact she was failing to hold up both her struggles and theirs.

‘’The situation made me feel like I failed them, therefore, I wrote this song as a form of self-expression, to remind myself that I am only human, I just need to point them to the true hero,’’ she said.

The musician explained that the message in the song is about encouraging people to have their trust in God, not man as He is the only one with all the answers to every situation in life, hence the need for them to look up to him.

She added that most times, people have taken fellow humans to be their heroes, but they need to always remember that they are only humans, God is the true Hero.

Mwamlima feels that it possible that what she went through is what all people experience: leaders, older siblings or even pastors.

She said people expect so much from them, forgetting that they have their own problems and in the end they easily get disappointed as they feel that they are let down.

The song is written from the point of view of someone suffering from huge expectations and has no one to understand what they are going through.

“In a nutshell, the song says I am only human, I cannot be the Hero everyone expects me to be all the time.

“I need people just as much as they need me, someone to hear me out and pray for me too,” the musician said.

The song, produced by Sir Odilo under Sir Odilo Enterprises Company, will premiere on August 15 on Transworld Radio (TWR) and will be available for download on Malawi sounds and YouTube among other sources.

Some of her singles are available on YouTube and some Chinese Platforms.

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