Gangata brags of his ‘millions’ in Malawi Kwacha: Explains photos

A Lilongwe based youthful self-made flamboyant multi-millionaire Alfred Gangata whose pictures showing him and a woman posing in a bedroom and ridiculously flashing a bountiful stark of hard cash money have gone viral on social media like bush fire with internet trolls claiming that the woman in the picture has pilfered the money off him and that she has vanished.

Gangata and wife in millions

Gangata and wife in millions

Gangata counting his Kwachas

Gangata counting his Kwachas

Gaganta in new photo brags about his millions

Ganganta in new photo brags about his millions

However, speaking exclusively to Nyasa Times in an interview, Gangata who owns a conglomerate trading as Masters Group of Companies, has categorically denied that the money that was shown in the pictures circulating on social media was stolen saying ‘it is all false and baseless.’

Gangata whose security firm guards all Airtel Malawi towers countrywide and is heavily involved in agro-business and farming disclosed to Nyasa Times that the woman in the picture is actually his legally wedded wife and that the pictures were taken in 2013 and he had first posted some of them on his Facebook page.

A check on his Facebook timeline indeed indicated he posted  some  of the photos in 2013.

He garnered a slew of criticism after photos have gone viral on social media.

“The woman in the picture is my wife and we took those pictures sometime ago. It is not true that she has stolen the money. It is a blatant lie that she is at large. She is still with me and we are still married and as happy as ever. It is very sad that some people are bent on finding pleasure in tarnishing and injuring other peoples images and reputation,” said Gangata.

The affluent business tycoon said the pictures were taken in private and that he was celebrating with his wife after making a fortune and emphasizing that the pictures were not meant for public consumption except those he posted on Facebook.

“I was not posing the pictures for the public or for people to see my money. I had just got paid a huge sum of money in cash, it was MK20 million and I was excited,” said Gangata.

When asked to explain how his supposedly ‘private’ Kodak moments got to the public, Gangata said the pictures were saved in a memory card which he lost and he suspects that someone got it and is sharing them on social media and spread lies.

Said he: “People  should learn to respect other people. We, Malawians excel very well in mediocrity and trivia instead of exerting our energy on important issues that would eventually uplift our well-being both financially and spiritually and we wonder why we remain one of the poorest countries in the world amidst plenty of natural resources? We are a sorry people.”

Gangata said he is worried that much with what the unscrupulous internet trolls are sharing his pictures saying he works hard for his money and that he does not steal from anybody but he expressed utter disgust and disappointment over what he described as ‘telling lies to make other people look stupid.’

He said: “I am not that stupid that I can let loose all that money in a company of a person that I don’t trust? My wife is part of me. My money is her money so celebrating our money shouldn’t be an issue to anybody. People must learn to mind their own business.”

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pictures like these are not new. I’m surprised why these pictures are attracting unnecessary attention when a young self made millionaire by the name Dri Mkwanda has done the same. the young man I’m talking about is younger than the gentleman Gangata and has posted pics on SOCIAL MEDIA with hard cash US DOLLARS and not kwachas. He has posted pics in exotic places flashing expensive jewelry, cars and properties he owns abroad yet he received no attention at all.

so inu musatinyase apa as if ka 20 million ndi kanthu kaya mwachita kupangana.

Keen Observer

Stupid person, what’s there to brag about? If you’re blessed that doesn’t make you a better person or a special person ney.

forgive them


gdaudi mj

oooo yes


Ulowele mseu wa mchinji kuti ma brand new v8 koma alibe Matama. Bwanji


MRA investigate this bastard please. Is he paying VAT etc on his contracts ? My guess is no.


Koma nde zokhwimira2 nanga kukanika kundipatsa 6 pin you owe to my office?

Kumbukirani bwino bwino ngongole za 2015 July mudzayaluka

Washington Thumbiko

make your money boy.. its your time…


Ndizachilendo Ku Malawi kuno koma ma celeb akunja achina Floyd mayweather amapanga zimenezi kwathu kuno yakula ndi msanje, zasiyana pati ndiamene amajambulitsa pamagalimoto odula or nyumba zodula???? Umbuli bwanji amalawife


Money?,haahha you boy i award u as the dumbest man 2016 in LL,ur a salvage, there r reach ppo in MW like Aniz Osman very rich,u cat r not even in top 30 so why bosting about ur change here n wat if ppo attack u.
From my experience, wen a person starts doing this he or she is going mad i tell u.
AIRTEL,r u dealing with this stupid person, my friend a business person does not bost about his or her worth because u still need more from ppo.
Gangata the dumbes ma in LL 2016

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