Golf president Shycal disowns his signature on court document

President of Malawi Professional Golfers Association (PGAMW), Patridge Shycal has disowned the signature that appears on a court summon that was ordering him to appear before Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court and circulated on social media, insisting it must have been forged by the complainant, a woman, Melina Chinzakadzi who is suing him to claim compensation for pregnancy maintenance.

Partridge Shycal disowns signature on court summon

Shycal says the first summon was served to him on December 21 2018 which he duly signed to confirm he had received it but the signature that appeared on the summon that was depicted on social media was not his and he says it must have been forged.

He also said the notice of adjournment of the hearing from December 21 to Thursday January 10 2019 that was prepared on 27 December 2018 did not reach him and he only learnt about it when it circulated through the mainstream as well as social media.

“I signed the first summon that I was served to but what was posted on Nyasa Times that first time wasn’t the one I signed,” Shycal says. “They had already forged my signature to post on social media after they had probably confirmed that I had received the actual summon from the courts.

“I only knew of the second summon just yesterday, 9th January, around 10am through an Honourable friend of mine who wanted to enquire more of the case and when I expressed ignorance, he told me it was all over social media.

“When I enquired from my lawyer, Donavan Silungwe, he also expressed total ignorance of such arrangement. And when I checked the signature that was on the summon and posted on the media, I noted that wasn’t my signature and therefore it meant that someone forged my signature to purport that I was served with the summon.

“In a nutshell, I never got the second summon neither my lawyer was served with it. The Magistrate’s signature is correct and probably the plaintiff went to get the summon for the adjournment, but where she got it signed as being served to me she knows best.”

Shycal said he and his lawyer appeared at the Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court in good time but the plaintiff was nowhere to be seen.

“We left the court after waiting close to an hour. We just told the court clerk that if she appears or her representative he should make sure to  get the particulars of her ID and her contact number and call my lawyer for them to meet face to face.

“We explained to the Magistrate that we got the news of the adjournment from social media. The court said they are aware of the case though they couldn’t trace the summon even in their files.

“The magistrate confirmed to have met the plaintiff and he was very surprised to learn that the summon wasn’t served to me. And as such, he said we should wait since the hearing was meant for today but if she doesn’t show up, we will map the way forward.

“The hearing was meant for 9am and my lawyer and I were there on time until 9:40am when the plaintiff was nowhere to be seen and therefore, we requested the Magistrate and the court clerk permission to leave so that once she shows up they can call us.”

Asked if he knows the woman, Shycal said she is a complete impostor: “I don’t know her and never came across such a name in my life. I will go through the court process until its conclusion and thereafter I will sit down with my lawyer to map the way forward.”

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2 years ago

I think the guy is a crook indeed. He has planted somebody’s face here instead of his own kkkkk

2 years ago
Reply to  Malawiano


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