Good luck Madam President Joyce Banda

Margaret Hilda Thatcher (Nee Roberts,) was born on the 13th October of 1925 belonged to the UK’s Conservative Party. She had been the leader of the party, Leader of opposition in Senate and Prime Minister of UK under the Monarchy of Elizabeth II. The time when was vying for the top post in UK, that of the Prime Minister in 1979, most of the Senators and even the populates thought that the Kingdom was not yet ready for a Female Leader.

The Senators, however, entrusted her with the power and she ruled from 4th May 1979 to 28th November 1990. What happened? She is remembered as the longest serving PM in UK history and the woman is today remembered as the IRON LADY.

Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan was born on 20th November of 1957. He was governor of Bayelsa State from December 2005 to May 2007. He was sworn in as the vice president of Federal Republic of Nigeria on 29th May, 2007. On 13th January, 2010, a federal Court handed him power as Acting President when President Umaru Yar’Aduwa was receiving treatment in a Saudi Arabian hospital. Goodluck, really had some good luck.

His performance within that time when he acted as the President impressed the inhabitants of the Oil Nation and they voted him into power as the President (Not Acting) of Nigeria shortly in 2011 winning with a 77.7%. He used that short period pretty well.

Rupiah Bwezani Banda was born on 13th February in 1937. He assumed the position of Acting President of Zambia after the demise of Levi Mwanawasa. And in October 2008, official results of the Presidential Elections show that he narrowly won. This was just tentative anyway. The real test was in 2011. He had 3 years to prove himself from 2008 to 2011. Whatever went on wrong, the Zambians chose to give power to King Cobra Michael Sata. Today, Zambia history pages carry his name as a President who ruled the shortest period.

Well, there are a lot of case studies to cite. But why am I bothering myself with all this? You know the answer. We have been found in a situation similar in one way or the other to these cited above. The President that we all thought would be there, somebody that people used to sing and ululate “2014 Boma,” has died.

The late President Bingu wa Muntharika will never in any way come back to Think for Malawi, nor will we ever hear any “ndikunyenyani” or “we will meet in the streets” threats from him. He is gone. He is incapacitated to do anything of value on this earth. May he rest in peace. As a Christian who believes that death is only a sleep, a deep sleep, I say, good night Mr. President. We will meet in the morning.

Now this sad news has left the most coveted post of our land vacant. And according the constitution’s section 83(4), the sure successor is Her Excellency, the vice president of our beloved Republic, Mrs. Joyce Banda.

According to on 7th April 2012 at 1600Hrs, Joyce Banda had already assumed office of President of the Republic of Malawi on the same day I am writing this piece, the 7th of April 2012. So we are having two puzzles to solve: 1) As a person who was looking forward to challenge DPP’s Peter Arthur Muntharika in 2014, will she prove herself in the next two years as successful as Goodluck Jonathan did? Or will she like Rupiah Banda just prove to the nation that she is nothing like her critics have been saying? 2) Will she prove like Margaret Thatcher that is she is nuts despite the fact that she was born female? These are the two big questions whose answers we expect her to give the nation.

Although some may see it as unfortunate that she is taking over a country that has been plunged into economical, governance, political and Relation woes, I think she is the luckiest of all the women because the answers to these human created woes are so simple. As a country, we are waiting for Joyce Banda to mend up the broken relations with major donor countries and organizations. We will wait to see her mend our cracked economy when she will agree to give Kwacha its real value. I believe she will do that as quickly as possible so that the tobacco farmers should recognize the real value of their sweat. Mrs. Banda has actually seen how Muntharika messed up his governance record and I hope she has learnt a lesson from the mistakes this mentor of hers committed.

Your Excellency, we are still waiting for solutions to Forex problems, Fuel problems, Electricity problems, Unemployment problems and the newly recruited Sugar scarcity problem. We are waiting for that day when all human rights (not wrongs turned rights) will be respected. We are waiting for that day in which the freedom package that comes with democracy will fully be ushered to us. We are on our knees praying for that moment when the constitution will receive the total attention and defense it deserves.

Well, There have been all those castigations and name calling in the public, mainly by gurus from the then ruling DPP. But if Banda is really serious about country leading, then I suppose she will have to act as if her memory was lost long ago. You will be looking for people to send in different errands very soon. Take your good time and choose wisely. I know people may question my suggestion, but I tell you that you will do yourself ‘more good’ than harm if you listen and pick up that good advice from people especially your husband. You can make him your chief advisor and you will not err. However, always remember that you are the one on the helm of this.

It is exactly 17:23Hrs and there is a swearing in ceremony being aired live on MBCTv right now. Let me go and follow the ceremony. See you next time.

Good Luck Mrs. Joyce Hilda Ntira Banda! I hope you will be our own Margaret Hilda Iron lady Thatcher. I wrote this as a citizen of Malawi, one who loves his country and wishes it well.

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