Govt follow up reports of Malawians trafficked by Chinese to forced labor in SA

Government says it is investigating media reports that some Malawians were among other nationals who were being forcebly kept in a labour camp in South Africa.

Beautiful City busted: Chinese factory in Johannesburg involved in the trafficking of Malawians including minors and subjecting them to forced labor.

This follows the discovery of the camp by the South African elite police, the Hawks and the department of Labour at a Chinese factory in Johannesburg.

A government official says there are reports that some Malawians were in the labour like slave camp but the government is yet to establish the numbers and their identities.

The group of illegal immigrants from Malawi is said to have been locked up behind high steel gates at premises known as “Beautiful City” in Village Deep.

The workers had limited movement, were expected to work seven days a week, with earnings of R65 a day from theor employer,  a Chinese national.

The factory specialised in creating the inner cotton of blankets using recycled clothing.

South Africa’s  labour department’s chief inspector in Gauteng, Michael Msiza says that Beautiful City Ltd was employing 150 employees on forced labour.

Msiza said 149 of them were illegal or undocumented foreigners, out of which 15 were children.

He likened the operation to “modern day slavery”.

Msiza added: “When the Malawian citizens wanted to buy [from the shops], they were expected to write down what they want on a piece of paper for their bosses to buy it for them.”

South Africa Police were first alerted to the illegal operation in August when they were informed that Chinese nationals were trafficking Malawian nationals for this business.

The Chinese national behind the operation has been arrested while the employees were taken to a place of safety.


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Mwana wa Anabanda Ku Joni
Mwana wa Anabanda Ku Joni
3 years ago

Chinese are evil when it comes to Labour relations. They total do not engage in Labour regulations and we must not fool ourselves. The Chinese are here to help themselves not us. Get it into your heads everyone!

3 years ago

Chinese are doing more harm that good to Malawi.
The coming government must consider to sever ties with China immediately they come to power.

3 years ago

Izi nde ndi zoona osatinso kunama ai! A malawi anzathu aliko ambiri omwe akumagwira mwamtundu umenewu. Izi zafalikira kwambiri madera a Durbain komanso Joburg. Satuluka anthu ku mpanda kugwira ntchito mwa ukapolo muja ngati kuti alibe kwawo. Chonsecho dziko lathu liri khare kumangoonongeka ndi atsogoleri adyera osaganizira za anthu awo. Muli pheeee m’boma kumaba ndalama mmalo moti muzikonza zinthu. Mukamva kuti zatere uku nde mpamene mumaonesa ngati ndinu anzeru. Kagwereni ukoo ndi boma lanu lautsiru

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