Gwengwe wins MCP primary to represent party in by-elections of Lilongwe Msozi North

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members on Monday propelled former president Joyce Banda’s running mate in the 2014 elections, Sosten Gwengwe to be the party’s parliamentary candidate for Lilongwe Msozi North in May by-elections after winning primary elections.

Gwengwe (right) with MCP’s Ulemu Msungama : We’re the candidates
MCP voting for Gwengwe in primaries
MCP members at the primary elections

Gwengwe was previously MP for Dedza Central where he won in 2009 on MCP ticket before joining DPP and later PP.

But following the death of Highton Jiya in January, Gwengwe relocated to Lilongwe Mzosi North to contest for the seat which previously was for Godfrey Kamanya who committed suicide following his loss in 2014 elections.

During the primary elections on Monday, six candidates showed up for the contest who included Lucy Masache, Henry Dzoole Mwale, Stanley Chimphonda, Rabson Kathewera, Helix Damson Dzuwa and Gwengwe.

But Lucy Masache was disqualified after discovering that she is not a registered voter and that she never voted in 2014 general elections.

The polls saw Gwengwe amassing 559 votes from people who stood behind him in a snake form.

Gwengwe was trailed by Rabson Kathewera who got only 11 people behind him followed by Mwale and

Dzuwa who only got two people each behind them as voters. While former parliamentarian Stanley Chimphonda got only one person representing one vote.

In an interview, MCP Director of elections, Maxwell Thyolera who was accompanied by the regional director of elections Richard Chimwendo Banda, and five other MPs declared Gwengwe as a winner.

“I am happy that today we have conducted primaries for this constituency and Hon Gwengwe has carried the day,” said Thyolera.

Gwengwe said he was happy and thankful to the people of Msozi North for showing love and trust into him.

“I am greatly humbled, the competition was indeed tough but as you have seen the majority has trusted me,” said Gwengwe.

Soon after the elections people danced in support of Gwengwe.

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John Black
5 years ago

Gwengwe the ever lasting crosstitute. This man was MCP, then DPP, then PP, then MCP again. He was minister of information under the Joyce Banda Cahsgate government. This man is tainted to the core. An opportunist who has nothing to offer but self interest. No loyalty, no content, no ideas, no intelligence. Only looking for crosstitution.

5 years ago

MCP has trusted you. Dont ever make that mistake of dumping the patry because of Money. Mwaonatu, Chipani cha Kongelesi sichitekeseka. Musazapangeso zibwana munapanga zija zothawa chipani chanu chifukwa chosusuka ndi ndarama.

Muzatha ngati makatani

The Partriot
The Partriot
5 years ago

This young man is a force to reckon with in Malawian politics! Welcome back to front line politics Honourable Gwengwe! At such a young age you have already achieved alot in politics and Malawi needs such energetic and vibrant young politicians like you. We are tired of old, senile and tired politicians who regard politics as their retirement benefit!!

5 years ago

All the best

chaponda mchimanga
5 years ago

Koma dyera muleke. Osamangoti uku mwapita uku mwapita. Ife a MCP zimatinyasa.

Mika Kumbire
Mika Kumbire
5 years ago

Recycled politicians. Kodi ku Malawi anthu ndi omwewo basi? Eeeeeeish. District imodzi ma brother MP awiri. Utereku Willard Gwengwe anali kumeneko kugula ma vote. Ndiye MCP kusintha kwake kuli pati. Mwana wa Dzoole nso anali konko.It’s resource draining. In another few months there will be another election.

5 years ago

People have trusted you and you must settle down and be focused. Next time people will not take you seriously. God bless.

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