CCAP Nkhoma Synod proposes Malawi referendum on gay issue

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), Nkhoma Synod, has proposed a referendum to settle the vexed issue of homosexuality.

Rev Msangaambe: Taking our stand

Rev Msangaambe: Taking our stand

In a pastoral letter, the church has condemned homosexuality and abortion, saying if government and activist insists on minority rights, there should be a national referendum for citizens to decide.

In Malawi, men who have sex with men can face up to 14 years imprisonment and hard labour and the Malawian public is overwhelmingly opposed to LGBT equality.

In its letter read to its congregants on Sunday, June 19, advises its members to continue praying against the legalization of same sex marriages and abortion, warning that God’s wrath comes because of such ills in society.

“If the government and some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) insists on [homosexuality], let them ask Malawians themselves to vote in a referendum,” reads the letter.

The church asked for the anti-gay law to be put to a vote.

According to the clergy, anyone who has sexual feelings with a person of the same-sex needs “pastoral, clinical and physiological counselling.”

Nkhoma Synod stresses that homosexuality it’s against the order of nature.

Observers says it’s no brainer such a vote has very little chance of securing a majority in favour of repealing the anti-gay law.

But minority rights activist argue that  matters of sexual orientation should not be taken to “public votes” as the response will be impulsive, driven by cultural norms, ignorance and fear among Malawians.

Centre for Development of People (Cedep) argues that it is no right to for a sexual act between consenting adults to be taken to a national referendum.

The Nkhoma Synod letter signed by its moderator, Dr Chatha Msangaambe also condemns abortion and also echoed calls for rights of people with albinism in Malawi to be guaranteed.

They have proposed that government and mobile phone service providers should help person with albinism to have handsets which they can use to call a police hotline when they are in danger of attack.

The letter was titled: ‘Taking our stand with God in this crooked generation’.

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Masozi Mwenifumbo
When we look at the moral depravity in the Western Nations, which we should know through such fights for HUMAN( DUSTY/EARTHY) RIGHTS at the expense of God’s Word and Morality, should we still be adamant and be still clamouring TO BE LIKE THE WESTERN NATIONS, AS MORALLY-DEPRAVED AS THEY ARE?!!!!!! Is is not time for us all to MOURN, AND CRY AGAINST SUCH EVILS BEING PERPETRATED BY THESE WICKED NEW WORLD ORDER master minders?!!!!! Surely it is, and may Nkhoma Synod be blessed for openly standing against these evils that are destroying our societies in the name human rights!!!!! Woe… Read more »
prof. Odiyayo

I agree with guys we can’t waste money gays. Mob-justice will do the work and put the situation right.


Was there a referendum for there Church to be allowed in Malawi. What if we go to referendum to abolish the Moslem faith. Who will be in majority. Fools – you don’t go to a referendum on issues of rights

Tozer Tsono

Also call for a referendum on polygamy, adultery, fornication, etc. Remember, you were led by a president Muluzi who had several wives? Did you ever call for a referendum on how many wives a president ought to have? How many wives can a man marry in your church?

Uncover Malawi

Of course the Nkhoma Synod knows the crooked generation well:

Cash Gate
Sibwino kuti anthu amene akuchimwa kungowasiya kuti azipitiliza kuchimwabe, azibusa ndi nchito yawo kudzudzula choipacho, sibwino kunena kuti asiyeni azipanga ndikufuna kwawo, anthu amenewa akuyenera kuuzidwa kuti ndi zolakwa. Palibenso chifukwa chochitila referendum, ngati Mulungu ananena kuti ndi tchimo ndi tchimo basi, palibe zovoteranso pamenepa.

Referendum for what? Let gay be gays. Full stops

Mkulu wa Mpingo

I find no problem on this issue kuti mpaka kuwononga nazo ndalama for referendum. Abusa kunja kuno kuli machimo ambiri amene sionse akupanga komabe you preach against the same day and night. Amene akufuna let them go ahead afer all akupangabe or mutatsala nazo kudya and amene sakufuna asiye moti nawonso olo mutawatuma sangapangenso ayi. Kuba anthu akulemela nako koma osafuna they don’t steal basi nde moyowo akuziwa ndi Mulungu yekha. You and me kwathu ndi mapemphero ndi kuphunzitsa basi.

Asawi Lunda

Because CEDEP and other CSOs are advocating for constitution change to back up Gays. its better we go for referendum..Malawi should speak. I support. The CCAP grouping for that noble call.

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