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There are so many human right abuses in this country.There more racism actions than words.Many Malawians are suffering racism.This is just a minor issue arisen from provocation.Let HRCC tell the whole world that MCP is a racist party.No body on planet will successfully fight racism. It has be there for centuries. Jesus Christ came across it. Europeans claim to fight it just to blindfold Africans who are suffering masive racism through out the world. I for 1 will deeply regret if MCP makes apologies to this.Please, MCP don’t dare making any apology if even it can cost your party chances… Read more »

Fwetseke iye simzungu? Asamayankhule manyi! Shupiti zake!

mulamu pelekani@gmail.com
Iam very disappointed with the party I have been supporting under Chakwela not Kamuzu Banda. But if there are Mps of MCP who are racists then I draw off my support. During muzu he never allowed racist. White people lived very happy life than Malawians holder of European citizenship. I ed as a citizen of the country I am living despite my colour. But I meet racists from those who dont like blacks. Not MPs. How can we have MPs who representing people to be racist . Chakwela must do something. As a pastor he should know that. Bisnowaty is… Read more »
Some of you people here talk through ignorance. I personally felt the wrath of kamuzu and I was in exile until 1995 when I returned home. While in exile my family in the north was constantly being harassed by special branch then and myp because of me. Actually some talk of tumbukas being chased away is distorting history. It was each teacher to their region of origin, so chewas, lomwes, tumbukas, etc moved back to their respective regions. It just happened that there were more north teachers in the other two regions than centre or south teachers in the north.… Read more »

When this europeans do one mistake u guyz take it lightly. When it cums regarding Indian or Pakistani Muslims. U guyz easily insult the whole race. Calling them weird names. When it comes to the Israeli/ palestian issue. Many of u guyz defend apartheid Israeli terrorists who oppress Palestinians in Palestinian lands. The media in Malawi also supports apartheid so does da government. #saynotoracism. #saynotoapartheid. #FreePalestine

Mwawanthu mweee!!!!!

May be some of you were not yet born. Ask and you will get answers about this party called MCP. Brutal party.

Bright Mkosi

Kodi Bisnowaty ndi mzungu kapena wakuda bwanji chilungamo ku wawa ndipo ma comment amapeleka amkagwilizana bwanji ndizokambilana zatsikulo timavaso ndiye amathandiza mcp mnjila zi na akufunika apepese iyeyo


Shame on you MCP chipani cha nkhanza


This is deeply shameful. Why weren’t apologies called from the MCPs at the time? This business is bad in two respects: the comments were xenophobic and anti-semitic. Why should donors return if this behaviour of MPs goes unchallenged?

Sapitwa,stop your nonsense and shameful lies. If Kamuzu failed in 30 years,what have you udf and dpp thugs achieved or improved in 21 years? Instead of improving on the infrastructures that Kamuzu laid such irrigation and many others,what have you done? You should by now have spread irrigation to more parts of the country instead of corruption and thieving of govt money to self enrich yourselves. You have failed to improve or maintain most of the things Kamuzu did. The country is now worse than in Kamuzu days, is that progressive development? Very retrogressive. 21 years of being ruled by… Read more »