Inkosi Gomani orders DPP flags removal in Ntcheu

Youthful  and uncompromising Ngoni chief Gomani V of  Ntcheu on Saturday ordered the removal of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) flags which were planted around the area where Umhlangano cultural festival took place.

On instructions from Ngoni king., menb climb a pole with ladder to pull down DPP flags
Pulled down DPP flags in Ntcheu

This follows a stern warning by the organisers of the important cultural event of the Maseko Ngoni that they would not tolerate party colours.

Men were seen removing the blue DPP flags and put them together.

It was not immediately known what they would do with them but some DPP members  took up in social media to warn the powerful and influential Ngoni chief that his actions were a provocation of the cadets, notorious for beating up, harassing and intimidating those with dissenting political views.

The event ironically is a celebration of the life of the first Maseko Ngoni chief who was killed by the white colonists for standing up against oppression of his people.

Most cultural events, especially the Mulhako wa Alhomwe is highly politicized as most people, including top officials, put on ruling party regalia.

Vice president and leader of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) Saulos Chilima on Friday warned movement members against putting on movement regalia at the event.

Chilima, who is also an Impi, an advisor to the chief, received a tumultuous and thunderous welcome from his people in Ntcheu as he arrived at the event, overshadowing a government delegation which was led by a low key government minister of Culture Grace Chiumia.

Chilima also put the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and his challenger in the 2019 polls, Lazarus Chakwera in the shadows.

Both Chilima and Chakwera had a hand shake and has a brief talk but there was no evidence that the two powerful politicians would meet again to forge a common electoral alliance in order to topple the Peter Mutharika administration at the ballot box during the 2019 polls.

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Izi ndizimene Mchacha akufuna…………………… and believe you me, we are yet to see more of this, some replica of what Mchacha has started in Blantyre!! Those with foresight can agree with me that this may bring some bloodshed as we move close to May 21!! Too sad indeed………………….. koma zonsezi chifukwa cha zitsiru, dzi anthu zoganiza mwa sukulu ya kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Nzika ya Malawi

Samuel, waonetseratu umbuli wako chifukwa Inkosi inaneneratu kuti saakufuna makaka a ndale pa mwambowo koma DPP kudzimvamo ndiye zotsatira zake ndi zimenezo. Kodi kumwamboko kunalibe andale ena? Koma kuyerekedwa basi. Timba saachepatu ndi mazira ake. Akadakhala kuti sadanene iyo inali nkhani ina. DPP unkhutukumve ndi kudzitama!


Inu anzerunu bwanji simunayankhe funso langa. loti kodi mwambowo udachitikira mu M1 Road chifukwa ndaokuti ma flag akuchotsedwa mu M1 Road? Timba akukaniratu apa. KKKKKKKK udangobadwa munthu onyoza basi, uulira chaka cha mmawa ndikutukwana kwakoko. Kutuukwana sikuvota wamva?

UTM ndimwana wa pumbwa

Nanga what do u mean chakwera was overshadowed? Biased article…Chakwera is big and Will go through elections as victor…UTM and DPp are thieves fighting eachada now.


Look tab how dirty that country is, and how poor the people look. That country needs more patriotism and rebuilding. If any flags are to be flown at such functions, it is the Malawi flag to symbolise patriotism 🇲🇼 . I was busy watching MacCain’s funeral on my 60 inch curved screen while these poor villagers allow themselves to be used as political pawns. Shame! These illiterate masses are the ones keeping Malawi down. Bravo Inkosi for not entertaining such foolishness. The Ngolongoliwas should draw a lesson from the civilised Ngoni Chief

Monte Christo

I have been to such big ceremonies several times in Zambia
viz: Kulamba GawaUndi
Mcwala of Mpezeni Ngoni Paramount
Politicians(State President) )are invited
But you can’t even notice that there is a president
Not even a party material is displayed
It’s pure of tradition
Osati zakunoko ayi
It’s time we separate politis from culture


You are very correct Monte Christo. In Ghana you can’t put on party colours during independence day, otherwise you will not be allowed at the venue of celebrations.


Chisilamu sichiyao mwamva,too much umbuli, learn more about Islam.


Mukulimbana ndi makaka achipani pamene pamwambo wanu padali akuluakulu andale. Next time ban political leaders to your event. Funso lina ndiloti kodi mwambowo udali munsewu? Zikuoneka kuti mbenderazo zikuuluka mumsewu wa Lilongwe – Blantyre osati pakhomo pamunthu. Mwachosa makaka a blue kuikamo a red chifukwa choti homeboy adali ndi msonkhano after your event. After your cultural event you hosted a political rally and there was nothing wrong because it was a homeboy not Chakwera. No fairness. Ndale za wakwathu sizikuthandizani. Mulungu simunthu, Chimene amachita Mulungu amakusankhira munthu amene umadana nayeyo kuti zikuwawe kwambiri. Zosankhana mitundu ndi khalidwe lolakwika. Kodi chipani… Read more »


Good idea, our Chief is not stupid and political like the Ngolongoliwa and Lundi

Wakuda Ngati Dausi

I can detect some Yao accent from those youths speaking in defiance and challenging Chief Gomani’s authority over President Mutharika. So it is clear Muluzi has a hand in sponsoring this lawlessness.

I am one hundred percent sure that’s not a Ntchewu accent. Also notice one is wearing a “chikofia” that white hat, mainly worn by the muslim Yaos.

Webster Thomu

The problem with being ushered into power by 38% of the votes is that you have tons of self doubt and low self esteem issues masking as bravado…. nde you just try to ram yourself down everyone’s throat…. no decorum… u savage…. DPP…an embarrassment….


Big man do you remember kuti Late Bingu won by a landslide victory komabe not all people loved him. Winning with 38% is not an issue here in Malawi, even if someone wins with 99% kulira kuzakhalapobe.