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The Media is Gabbage in Gabbage out…if government is doing nothing, the media reports the nothing the government is doing. I don’t see any wrong in that.

Amazing Grace

Malawi Media be at the fore front in publicising solutions and solutions only….You play a major role in propagating our economy….its so pathetic that each time you open the papers its just full of trash…as though none of you went to school.

You have a wider audience, research what other countrie’s media houses are doing to contribute towards the economy.

Enough of caughting text out of contex.
Thax Miss Emily


Bwampini, do your job and the media will report accordingly. First you steal the election, then continue to steal on top of the 577 BILLION…the donors are not stupid, they can see for themselves what’s happening.. They don’t need to be told by the media

Luis Jafali
I QUOTE: Some of the negative reporting of our country come from visiting international journalists. Yes, yes, yes I agree with you but lets not forget that we have Embassies and International Organization. Do we know some of works they do? Perhaps not! These Embassies are like small nations in big nation. ( a cup in a big container of water). They spy for their governments and countries. Why should they be the first ones to know what happens (positive or negative) in our country? Let us be the first to know even if its negative. We deserve to know… Read more »
Kakha erutu, typical dpp bootlicker. Jappie and msaka bought alot of maize to distribute and bribe people in their areas. Where did they get the maize? That was when the govt was saying we have alot of maize stocks in admarc depots. Now this govt finds itself exposed by its own lies. And journalist should keep quiet? What happened to the maize in the so called silos? Analyst, am very disappointed with your views on apm. Apm gives more bad news or decisions than good ones, hence more bad news is being given by journalists. That is the truth, more… Read more »

Excellent! Let us hope our leaders read this and learn!


After all not all of us can be boot lickers and hand clappers Mr president! Learn to accommodate opposing views and opinions and build on them to make a better leader. I pause!

truth pains

very true mr. president some of you journalists behave as if malawi is not your country and that when these donors go you will not suffer. the president is not saying dont report bad things but be responsible in reporting. for example look at your emotional write up here. wakwiyiranji iwe mtolankhani? emotions are visible across your lines. learn to sell and not always scaring investors that is the message from mr. president

Kakha Erutu

Mai Kamanga, the president never said there is enough maize. He said he will ensure there is enough maize. The problem with Malawi media is misrepresentation of facts to suit personal views. CHANGE.


Why have u been given these billions by china