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Timve Ziti

Cashgate. So far only some are answering charges. Arresting the big fish is a good development but in order to the to be fair and transparent EVERYONE tainted by cashgate regardless of position or politicsl affiliation should be investigated and or prosecuted. Others are already in jail as we speak so it wouldn’t be fair to let some go scot free. That’s the only way to clean up this mess. Further let’s not stop at cashgate. There are many other financial crimes that need following up. Let’s clean up OUR MALAWI. its the only country we have


My Question is that all Cashgate related cases are being handled by the ACB, why is this one only being handled by Police? Since when has Police started handling cases of Abuse of office. I honestly smell a RAT somewhere. This is not a Cashgate case but a political retaliation

Police Handling a case of Abuse of office? Ayi ndithu Chitani Manyazi akuluakulu a DPP.

Where is ACB if Police is Handling such a case. Shame Shame Shame you guys.


Let her come and face the law.ndale za chani,if she never committed any crime the courts will acquit her.Why is she running away for God sake.Abwele and like any other cashgate suspect must be brought to court,and basing on evidence tendered in court,they will decide whether she has a case to answer or not.We have had enough of our so called leaders stealing our taxes.


If she is innocent the court will say that. If she is suspected let her clear herself. No person on earth is special before the law. If one is innocent there is no need to fear the law.


This arrest is really politically motivated. It is only someone who pretends to be mayopic who can not see this fact. A lot of people have been arrested in Malawi for political purposes and their cases have died natural death. It is typical of our politicians. The Malawi Police are remote controlled and they have no choice by to dance to the tune of those in power.

Reading the article, I have not come across anywhere where the charges against JB have been highlighted, maybe in another write up. Where is man Uladi getting the audacity to say that the counts are flimsy? How can one counter something before we even know the counts against your mistress Joyce? Secondly, I think tha adage “the guilty are always afraid” holds a lot of water here. If JB knows her innocence, why is she in hiding, making noise to the detrimental effect of her own country. There have been times we have heard she has come as close home… Read more »

Let her prove her innocence in court just like everybody else.


who is stuffing her stomach with food? Mwina ndalama zakuba zomwezo. Arrest the fat thief!!!

I love Malawi

I think there’s no need for pp supporters to start making noise now. If they know she’s innocent then let her be tried and be proven innocent by the courts,then they can make noise,taking it to the streets,blocking roads etc.But there’s no hope.Her self imposing outside Malawi raises alot of questions that needs court intervention

Biti John

The heading could have been
“Jb’s bootlicker Mzondi argues her warrant of arrest or Bantu Times writer furious and confused of Masters arrest.
Why she dissapeared just after elections?
Is she running away from prosecution?
If she is innocent she wouldn’t have bn in self exile.
Come back challenge the cases against u then chill out lady .

James Mapwesela

What is this?
pali chanzeru apa Amangwetu? Mzondi wataninso? ndiye ziti izi?