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These people ought to be hanged by any means necessary. why are they being allowed to walk our streets? How can the government justify setting thieves like Phwiyo free on bail? I hope some Malawians will take the law in their own hands and t res around his neck!!


Simple theft and Money laundering again? Why are we not lrarning from mistakes from the Senzani case..or is it by design?

Odala Ochibwe

Anthuwa Ndiwodzikonda Amafuna Zonse Zikhale Zawo Koma Civil Servants Akati Tikwezereni Salary Ndi Maperesenti Abwino Mkumakana Ndalama Tilibe Pomwe Akuchalira Zipite Kumakampani Awo.

Nelson Chimaliro

This country can not grow. Think about the poor who are suffering. So sad!

Think Tank

They are wiping out PP in the name of cash gate and yet they have thieves in DPP. The K92 billion was not mentioned for nothing. The mansions we see in Lilongwe started mushrooming during Bingu’s time. They want to make themselves the only party in the southern region knowing that Ung’onoung’ono will never come back watha ngati nsalu ya makatani.

thamsaqa gabuza

and dunderheads in parliament’s pac were busy clapping hands for this mphwiyo thug, amayi busy protecting him saying he was sealing loopholes, koma pa nyasalande, aahhh. watchout, this idiot will also be mentioned in the 2009 – 2012 audit, i do not doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lt. Hornbrower
So the can of worms has finally been opened. While this is a welcome development that high profile people are being nabbed the challenge is how to successfully prosecute them because right now money is changing hands between lawyers and judges behind closed doors to ensure that the cases are faltered. Our judicial officers are corrupt and this is their time to make cash. The ACB should go beyond 2004 corruption started. The case of Atcheya has dragged so much and now that he is fine and busy doing government functions let the courts finish his case before proceeding with… Read more »

I find no reason why they recruiting the Head of ACB because Matemba is already doing a good job since the removal of the then head of ACB. The president should just promote Matemba to head ACB so that his efforts to deal with cashgaters are not stifled.


All the companies that got paid for supplying nothing must be made to supply those things and then told to return the money as well

The Patriot
As patriotic Malaians we should be angry, very, very angry! The problem is how do we make the ones in government accountable? If PP was still in government Mphwiyo would have been untouchable, now he can easily be dragged to court, his protectors are out of government! The million dollar question is NOT how to catch thieves from previous governments but how to catch the ones stealing now otr who stole before but are now ruling? Once we can do that then we will prevent fraudsters parading as government offcials from stealing our hard earned tax payers money. Veriry ,… Read more »