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I can see that many people are not as sharp as Kabwira is. What she fighting for is one thing: respect of the MCP constitutions. The joining of the party by Sidik Mia saw MCP start disrespecting the structures, accommodating Mia into high level decision making processes when, in fact, he was not supposed to according to the constitution. Kabwira’s stance that structures need to be respected is exactly what is expected of a party that is to govern us. Jesse looks evil but at most we’ve know her to belong to one party in her her – that’s MCP.… Read more »

Mukanangochepetsako pang’ono kukula mtima kwanuko mai.


Ngati ukufunikanso ku DPP.


Ukunama u r fighting for what blocking the president to form a winning team iya go to hell. Chakwera is preparing for 2019 and u r still in 2014 with ur useless team zako izo ulibe timing wakusiya wekha njovuyalema amakunamiza uja now he is party of the winning Chakwera Mia group
Sukulu sinakupindulile ndalama unapata ku mp wamwela mowa zonse back ku umphawi ku uphunzitsi galu

Beholder kuno

Mission impossible without MCP base for the Hon Kabwila. It’s hard to tell if she really love the party when she’s seen with DPP cronies & siding with those against the leadership hence constitutional issues should be handled in-house than going to the press for public attention.


Nanga inu a Kabwila olo muli ndi vuto muchipani mwanu mungapite kuti komwe angakulandileni.


Kabwila said the decision by MP for Salima Central Felix Jumbe owho was expelled in MCP to join DPP is not wise. It is better to confuse the party from inside. kikkkikii




The Problem with you Kabwira is you cannot control your emotion when reacting issues, every political party has its own problems but we do not see members of those parties reacting the way you do. olo pa banja amamvesesana anthu, you should be the first person to teach other mcp members about good communication

Kabwila’s statement or belief that “… MCP is the next government and joining DPP is a wasting (sic) of time …” smacks of maximum opportunism; and that it is the only reason she wants to stay in MCP. Such politicians do not last long in office, because all they want is power, when their party wins elections. Without a strong political rationale, and not sharing a set of beliefs of the party, and power being the raison detre, such a politician is doomed to failure. Kabwila is NOT a team player: and o’Chakwera should have listened to people who personally… Read more »