Kaliati accuses Malawi journalists of taking bribes: ‘Cash for news’ coverage

Minister of Civic Education Patricia Kaliati has accused  most journalists for allegedly accepting bribes from opposition politicians and government officials.

Kaliati says Malawi media is doing cash for news coverage

Kaliati made the claim this in Karonga after touring the district’s Museum.

She said her ministry is aware that news reporters and some of their editors  are pocketing  money to write negative stories against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“We know that most of the journalists in the country receive millions of Kwachas from government’s opponents in order to dirten its image,” said Kaliati.

Similary a newspaper has been sweetened to tone down against government.

Kaliati said many journalists depend on politicians and government officials to make ends meet.

She condemned the media profession of losing integrity with  ‘cash for news’ coverage.

Kaliati said to accept a bribe is dishonest, saying  honesty is like virginity–it can only be lost once.

“When reporters accept  a bribe, they can never again be trusted as  professional persons,” she said.

Many observers argue that the phenomenon of ‘cash for news’ coverage has devastating impacts both on the society at large and on the profession of journalism–even on the business success of individual media organizations.

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11 thoughts on “Kaliati accuses Malawi journalists of taking bribes: ‘Cash for news’ coverage”

  1. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Zoona Akweni! Cash for news yanyanya pa Flames! Makamaka ku Zodiak, Malawi News ndi Weekend Nation! Too much fake news!

  2. Mkamwini says:

    Dziko ili, simunati. Kulira muli m’boma, nanga mukatuluka? Ambi shubaba woyeeeee…..

  3. The anointed one says:

    This story is twofold. Empowerment and bribery. Politicians are playing a hit and kill game by using the media, however, I find that Honourable Kaliati is trying to have the media empowered instead of bribing them. It is sad that some Ministers want to look good to the President and in the process bribing journalists to destroy their cabinet colleagues. What Hon. Patricia Kaliati is saying is in line with what President Mutharika says every time and that is Integrity. Its indeed unfortunate if Politicians are bribing the media personnel to destroy fellow politicians and it is unfortunate if this is from a cabinet Minister because s/he is going against his/her boss on the integrity theme. With Chakwera hitting hard on DPP I expected Ministers to be working as a team instead of in-fighting.

    I totally agree with Kaliati that we should empower the media financially so that they can have their own businesses instead of giving them handouts to write negative stories about other politicians.

  4. Semani says:

    Akulu Akulu pa Malawi palibe chawulere news zonsezi pamakhala kuti wafapo but wakamera amamuponda zedi just 50 000 winayo 700 000 that’s pathetic kupondana wokhawokha alindimwana agwiritse lero ndi kokera kwako.


    It is indeed true,even omwewa a Nyasa Times I have evidence on the same.Radios like Times and Zodiak have lost the trust they used to enjoy.They thinke that everybody in Malawi listen to their cooked up fake and illogical news,noo.Am busy studying my BBA,kkkk

  6. kambanizithe says:

    MBC radios and TV don’t cover opposition positive stories but DPP propaganda. Can you remind me mai kaliati when did chakwera appear on ur stations ? you can cry loud but nothing will change. these journalists have not received anything

  7. Pingo says:

    Inuyo MBC simakukwanani muli naotu atolankhani ambirimbiri ndiye mukufuna ati agaru inu?

  8. popapo says:

    For the first time I am agreeing with Mrs Kaliati on cash for news coverage. But Hon Kaliati it is not one sided against government only but also against opposition, it depends on who is financing at the time. People are very much afraid of Nyasa Times reporters, Zodiak reporters because of their reach to the public. If someone wants to destroy another person I gather just approach these two media houses reporters with cash and it will be Pompo pompo. I doubt if the bosses of these reporters know about these underground dealings. Consequences is promoting hate and mediocrity !

  9. Richard Soko says:

    Choka iwe Kaliati

  10. Naluso says:

    Dishonesty indeed is like virginity Mai kaliati.Ndaonera a Jijo Chaponda.

  11. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Kaliati should not play holy just because the media turned against her camp because of what it is doing to blunder our resources. She is one of the politicians who has created and nurtured this culture. Journalists know very well that it is unethical for them to ask for money for covering a function like press conference, let alone covering individuals. Kaliati used to dish out cash to journalists from her pursue when she was Minister of Gender when she organised press conferences or when she asked journalists to accompany her to cover a function elsewhere. Some of us have been discouraging this practice, but she never listened, she thought the best way to have a positive news coverage was to buy a journalist forgetting that journalists were simply doing their job which they are paid for. Now she is crying over spilt milk. You created the devil and you must get rid of the devil.I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

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