Kamlepo says northerners tired of being used as condoms: No plot to impeach Speaker ―Chilenje

Against the backdrop of rumour plot to impeach Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly Esther Mcheka Chilenje, has told the House that there is no information oust the Speaker.

Kamlepo:  Using northernors as political condoms in unwelcome

On Monday, Chitipa South lawmaker Werani Chilenga (People’s Party- PP) first raised the issues in the House that some people were planning to impeach the Speaker.

And on Wednesday, Rumphi East legislator (PP) Kamlepo Kalua also raised the issue.

Msowoya faces impeachment rumours over his alleged association with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and causing friction in the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) where he serves as first-vice president.

But Kalua said plans to out Speaker Msowoya are unwelcome.

“I have information that there are certain people who are plotting to impeach the Speaker. We northerners are tired of being used as condoms. So let me warn those planning [impeachment of Speaker] that this is unwelcome and mind you it’s a strong warning from the people of the north,” said outspoken Kalua.

Mcheka-Chilenje ruled Kalua out of order, saying there is nothing the parliamentary leadership’s office on the alleged impeachment.

“I rule you out of order honourable. I do not have that information in my office,” Mcheka-Chilenje said.

MCP’s Dowa East MP Richard Chimwendo Banda on Monday said the move to impeach the Speaker is neither here nor there, saying the MPs were only making allegations but it is “a non-starter”.

Msowoya was elected into office in June 2014 by 101 MPs against Francis Kasaila (DPP) who received 89 votes.

According to the procedures in the Standing Orders, the mover of an impeachment motion must ascertain that about one third of all 193 members should endorse, or sign, that petition which will be given to the concerned Speaker.
In addition, the concerned Speaker shall be entitled to be heard in his defence, within 14 days when the House is sitting either by himself or through a legal representative.

The petition must also state in clear terms the specific charges which the Speaker is allegedly to have violated and, according to the Standing Orders, the motion must be adopted within 14 days after the notice.


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Mr kamlepo you and hon Msowoya are letting us down.you’re the ones who are being used.Malawians will never take us (northerners)serious coz of you guys.you’re being used by the DPP. Why do you change like chameleons? Today you’re on this side tomorrow you change.plz put Malawians welfare at heart not your selfish interests.


MCP yafikaso pa ziro in North in South already at ziro nkhaza Zanu sitiyiwala ku North and you are still doing it for northerners you can’t win the election your time was gone you were selling cards to pregnant women two cards with unborn baby no more .

Peter Mathanyula
These so called northerners did not vote for MCP in 2014 but DPP and PP because they did not like Msowoya to become the state vice president. If there are people who hate Msowoya are the so called northerners themselves. After Msowoya failed to bring votes to MCP, the party did not abandon him instead he was honored with the speaker of parliament title from the same MCP the party the northerners did not vote for. Instead of being grateful Msowoya betrayed the party by associating with DPP. In this case is it wrong for MCP to look for someone… Read more »
Wachepa Mwakaboko

It is wrong for members of the house to be making careless and regionalistic statements in the house. The conduct of Hon. Kamulepo Kalua needs to be condemned.
A lesson to us from the North is that we should also stop acting as condoms, because if we are used as condoms by others, then it is ourselves who allow to be used.

Am surprised how impeachment of msowoya is linked with the north being used as a condom? That in itself demonstrates a tribalistic tendency. Msowoya has failed to play his cards well in his own party. How can he fail to reach a compromise with his president? How could he allow the kaliwo and kabwila to use him.? Him as a man with integrity he should have stood his ground and worked with chakwera camp, nanga with kaliwo? Hahahaha i dont see them succeding in their battle. So please kamplepo spear north, do not generalise. What this country and north inclusive… Read more »
Observer Weniweni

How do you know that it is probably Msowoya that has been using Kabwila and Kaliwo him being a senior and influential member of the party???. You have to blame somebody for the failures of Msowoya. Musatitopese apa..

Kada, you’re absolutely correct! Am sitting here all perplexed how the probable riding of Msowoya translates into tumbuka’s being used as condoms. This misplaced statement from Kalua is a clear reveal of a tribalism mentality – wanting to fight where there’s no course. So sad that these are the kind of leaders we have in the country. If they are not kidnapping and tiring themselves then they want to play tribal victim unnecessarily. My fellow Malawians, we need to take back control of our country, positive transformation will NEVER be instituted by these politicians. We are the triggers, use your… Read more »

Koma Kalua amadzimva sugar kwambiriiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Ndi ndani wa MCP amene amamvera iweyo Kamlepo?? Mbuzi iyinso nayo iyiiiiiiiiii Kulamula ndiye umakufunatu kwambiri!! MCP is not Rumphi East Constituency amwene!! You are a nobody to MCP man…………………………………..!! Iwe ngati akutanganidwa abakha enawa ndi MCP ndiye iweyo………….!! Iwe ndichimodzimodzi galu wachiwewe……………………………………….!

Jammy Mwala

This is totally nonsense, being a northerner does not mean you can misbehave in any organization, correction should be done to every body as an individual not basing on what Mr kalua is saying. Mind you MCP has credible sdource that the ruling DPP will make sure offer a good package to Speaker as vice president of MCP to disturb the party. As it is the speaker is debated on K100-150 Million kwacha if the Dpp really wants him to disturb the party.


In 2014 the southern region was divided in three big parties but the MCP with its central region majority failed to take advantage of this. Yet they dream of winning in 2019 when the centre is no longer strong.




I am from the north and honestly do not support what Msowoya is doing, to me he has demonstrated that he is just another selfish leader reacting to things which he can not show. MCP has never said that they will remove him from the party neither discuss his position as deputy President, so why create a fuss on issues people talk as probable scenarios and then you react as if you are already chopped as people suggest. It shows you are not mature enough.


Kamlepo, uwauze a kongilesiwo kuti amalawi asamve kuti chinachake chamuchitikira Msowoya. We will take serious reaction to this notorious party. We still remember what this party did to Chafukira. We do not want to see Msowoya being subjected to MCP’s backwardness.
Abale, can Mkaka propose to the Registrar of Political Parties to consider deregistering MCP?



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