Kasambara ‘critical’ in hospital: Cardiac condition

Prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara has been moved from jail to a hospital, where he is being treated under police guard for a heart ailment.

Kasambara: Hospitalised

Kasambara: Hospitalised

Kasambara was remanded to prison on Wednesday after Justice Michael Mtambo ruled that his bail must be revoked because there was evidence that he infringed on the privacy of the judges, hence he did not comply with bail conditions.

He is a suspect in the shooting of former budget director, Paul Mphwiyo who survived assassination attempt in 2013.

The lawyer was put behind bars at Maula Prison and transferred on Thursday to Zomba Maximum Prison.

Kasambara, a prominent lawyer with a rock star status in Malawi, had a scheduled appointment for his heart problem on Thursday, hence he asked judge not to send him to prison before the crucial check up.

His condition worsened on Friday and prison authorities took him to Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre but he was referred to Adventist Hospital where they have a heart specialist.

Despite being guarded, Kasambara’s wife is paying a vigil at her husband’s bedside as his health condition is now “critical”, according to doctors at the facility.

He is reported to have developed a “serious cardiac condition.”

The lawyer is currently in Intensive Care Unit.

This is the second time for Kasambara to suffer serious ailment after an arrest.

He also suffered a similar condition when he was arrested during the DPP regime under late president Bingu wa Mutharika. Kasambara was accused of kidnapping and torturing three men he told reporters had confessed they had been sent by the DPP government to firebomb his office.

Kasambara’s arrest came after he was quoted in the media saying President Mutharika “wants to be a dictator” and should be impeached.


Meanwhile, Kasambara has appealed for a stay on the bail revocation and also on the ruling itself while his co-accuse Macdonald Kumwembe has appealed against the contempt of court sentence and the conviction.

In his initial response to the appeals, Supreme Judge Lovemore Chikopa found the applications imprudent as the applicants had not given any proof that the matter had been appealed in the lower court.

“I find the application imprudent, that such an application has come to this court before the lower courts. I am, therefore, inclined they be served as interparty. I reserve 30th September as the day of the ruling,” reads the response in part.

Furthermore, Chikopa wrote that he found the applications peculiar as they had landed on his desk beyond normal working hours and quite late in the day.

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You may debate all your can but Kasambara knows the truth of what type of evil things he has done to innocent people. Mwazi wa munthu ndiobvuta, once shed we may think we have gotten away with but there comes a time when we have to pay in one way or another and usually its over seemingly simple issues like these. we all have to learn that what goes around comes around. Lets learn to be good before God and oue fellow hman beings

Vw -gate,you are a sorry sourthen online dpp asslicker,now by masquerading as a “Tonga” so that you can plant hatred among northeners and disturb the north you think you are acting a mature “play” huh? Tongas cant be part of you guys,you have a laughable system of marriage-chikamwini,that makes you the only type of people who practice this trash, the whole world,and you cant be accepted by any tribe on earth,if you were a messenger at kasambara’d law firm,and now you are scared that your job might be in jeopardy after your boss’s incapacitation,just take a chill pill be a… Read more »

This man has inflicted untold sufferings to many Malawians. He is the most evil lawyer in Malawi. I know he has some stupid sympathizers who are showing their blind support here.

Wadada Mihavani mwasintha dzina now you calling yourself Bulutu. Okay Bulutu: the fact is mtumbuka sakhululuka. Anzathu akumwera have one thing in common with ife atonga. Sachedwa kukhululuka see how Ben Phiri managed kukhulukira his assailants in PP. Yet you have Mtambo recruiting himself as a hangman on a smallest of an opportunity! And that is your weakness atumbuka. On federalism, forget it no sane minded Tonga will support that nonsense. To be subjected to tumbuka monsters? We are better off with the Chilimas or Chakweras than Nyika mafias as our leaders. In fact if I had the request to… Read more »

Dziko lapansi ndi anthu ake. Only God knows the truth.

Mphita Konyeliwa

The fact is that Kasambara has got gud papers than Mtambo and that Mtambo’s client lost a case against Kasambara so this is a witch hunting

Vw-gate,why are you people bringing old bingu era issues into this case? Just because mtambo volunteered to represent that poor rubina lady should not make these two enemies,so you wanted no lawyer to represent that lady,and I hear Ralph denied DNA test,is that true? Is that justice? Do you know the sensitivity and specificity of DNA paternal tests Mr Vw? Its one gold standard tests for forensic medicine and Ralph ran away from it,and tou want him now to get away with the law the same way,alright,go on preach the tumbuka vs Tonga hatred,we don’t give a flying damn at… Read more »

So Michael Mtambo has decided to play three rolls in one case: a state witness (because he claims the suspects want to kill him), a state prosecutor and then a judge. Ho ho ho – that career itha ngati salu yamakati.

Retribution: that’s the true character of mtumbuka. Sayiwala olo utafa.


as leaders chosen try to save pple honestly with ur true love otherwise God will punish us @ the end of service here on earth.

Vw gate
Wadada Mihavani: you are wrong and in simplistic terms you portray a lack of common sense and pure logic. The case here is that judge Mtambo is not qualified to handle this case. Why?: It is a case where it touches on him – he says Kasambara and Kumwembe have been following him. In other words the suspects want to assassinate him. There is another issuee: Kasambara has hinted that they have a long standing unsettled issue between them which predates Bingu’s era when he was cabinet minister. (It is a case of vengeance, mwapulika?) Are you sure in view… Read more »

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