Kasambara seeks bail: Judge orders he gets access to laptop and internet in jail

Third accused person in the conspiracy to commit murder of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo, Ralph Kasambara has asked for the High Court to consider reinstating his bail after the court made a motion to have his bail revoked last year.

Kambara:  Court orders he should have access to laptop and internet for research not Facebook

Kambara: Court orders he should have access to laptop and internet for research not Facebook

Making the plea through a motion in court, Kasambara complained that since the revocation of his bail,  the trial has never been fair as the state has been intimidating some of their defence witness and also having it difficult for them to have a legal requirement to meet with their witness before they testify in court as others are in Blantyre while he is in Zomba and Macdonald Kumwembe in Lilongwe.

He said at times due to mobility problems they fail to meet their witness with other witnesses demand transport to meet them and they can’t provide transport while in police hands.

He also thanked the court for issuing order for  them to meet with cashgate prisoner Oswald  Lutepo at Chichiri Prison though he complained that they were given very small tiny room and as per requirement that says they should meet in private due to walking challenges of Lutepo.

He said they met Lutepo, who was witness of truth testifying on Wednesday,  in the presence  of  two police guards which is against the legal requirements.

Kasambara said it’s his wish too to have the case concluded in time as soon as possible but that will be not possible with them behind the bars as the delay is inevitable as some witness continue to withdraw after state intimidation and they need to meet them before court .

He  prayed to court that if indeed they were to be punished they have been punished during the four months and two weeks they have been on remand since their bail revocation.

Kasambara also complained to court that for him to finish his defence he earlier on asked the court to allow him have an access to his laptop and Internet for research but even though the order was made by the court, the  state is failing to comply with it.

He also told the court that the bail will help him to have easy access to medical attention to hospital during break as that can’t happen now since they use prison car which is difficult to rush to hospital for check up.

In his ruling , Judge Michael Mtambo has again ordered the state to obey the court order and give him the laptop whilst in police hands but warned him it’s for research and others not for Facebook  or any social media networks.

Mtambo has also ruled in favour of the state who asked Kasambara to put the motion in wiring for them to respond before the judge make his determination on the matter.

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Dennise Chipalira
regionalism, tribalism, nepotism, these will take us to no where. Stop this unchristian behaviour and trait. We are all Malawiwans. When this country is being rated internationally in terms of literacy levels etc, the assessment is done on the basis of the whole nation and not by region. In any society we need each other, God has placed us in our regions and this does not mean others are better than their brothers and sisters no! Palibe amene anasankha kubadwira ku south or central or north ndi Mulungu amene anatiika mmadera amenewa. mukanakhala mumasankha simunakabadwira kumene mukunena kuti ndikopambanako mukanasankha… Read more »
Tizgowerengewaka Mughogho
Tizgowerengewaka Mughogho

Amalawi tipewe kunyozana mitundu.Zachonji mayiko ena a nkhanza monga USA ndi Britain amazalowelera ndikuyambisa nkhondo monga ku Syria, Iraq ndi ku Libya. Paja aja amayambisa ziwawa mu mayiko mumene muli mafuta. Let us have a slogan of ONE MALAWI ONE NATION!

Wiseman from the North.
Wiseman from the North.
I have always respected pipo from the Southern & Central regions of Malawi coz part of my education & my marriage can be tracec from there. But slowly am loosing my respect for Southern region coz, forgive my view, it has a lot of dunderheads. Pipo who are proud of manifesting ignorance, mediocrity & nepotism in public. Shame!!!!! Ignorance is not only bliss for them but its also their disease. Even if they dont understand anything on issues at hand, they will rush to comment, full of bullshit. No wonder they resolve to being nepotistic. By the way, whats so… Read more »

Kasambara Will go free and fight for Pika and Lutepo in cash gate case in one way or the other as for Mphwiyo his murder case will be left hanging due to insufficient evidence alas Him the whistle blower will go to Jail

Baston Shaba

There is no smoke without fire the adage say. The mention of people like Kasambara shows he had a role in the game of Cashgate be it involvement in the shooting itself or thefty of money. If not, why are the then prominent people in the PP govt not mentioned. There were big people like Khumbo Kachale, Sosten Gwengwe,Annita Kalinde, mention them. Why are they not mentioned.

Iwe khan’ga ngati akumpoto amaonera mayeso iwe osaonera bwanji. you mean anthu akumpoto amaonera mayeso from primary up to university monsemo amaphunzitsidwa ndi aphunzitsi a kumpoto. iwe yemwe you mean you have been taught by only southerners thats why you failed. please be reasonable. a northerner building in bt or Lilongwe he has built in his country . he is not a stranger and under no legal constraint not to do so. umbuli uzakuchokani koma anthu inu. We know if northerners were useless the way you are, you wouldn’t be fearing them like this. Take stock of every social or… Read more »
Paul Masilela
i am taken by surprise by the hatred on the comments line. i thought we left regioanlism years ago. we have nothing to contribute if all we see is regionalism. In 2016 surely we should be smart enough to follow the case and comment on its merits as it presented in the court of law.The questions to be asked therofore should be: was he with Mbeki, in which case can be easily followed up, was his son with him contrary to Ralphs mais assertins, Is Lutepo lying that he was told to implicate him and what has Lutepo to gain… Read more »

do not talk zigawo fool.


Why should he meet the witnesses? Why leave them to say what ever they know without favour or fear? So you want to be feeding the witnesses what to say? You guys are all crooks so it’s better to lock you up so that you should know how painful it is to siphon money from the government leaving the masses suffering.

Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa

these are dangerous peolple dnt let them loose

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