Kunkuyu accuses Mutharika of abetting corruption in Malawi govt: Chaponda is sacred cow

Politician Moses Kunkuyu, who leads a political pressure group called Transformation Alliance, has accused President Peter Mutharika of  tolerating corruption in his government by harbouring sacred cows like former Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda who is being shielded from corruption prosecution.

Transformation Alliance Chaiperson Kunkuyu: Why is Chaponda a scared cow in the fight against corruption

Kunkuyu made the accusation during the interview program Straight Talk monitored by Nyasa Times from Capital FM Radio on Thursday.

“You don’t fight corruption by rhetoric, you fight corruption by action,” said Kunkuyu.

He accused Mutharika of failing to live up to promises to tackle corruption,  saying some ruling party  officials  implicated in corruption are treated as scared cows.

Kunkuyu said  it is  “disappointing” that former Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda is being shielded from prosecuton  despite  a recommendation by the commission of inquiry into Malawi’s maize imports from Zambia.

“Firing of Chaponda from Cabinet is not prosecution,” said Kunkuyu.

He said it was clear that the decision to fire Chaponda was forced on the President who would have maintained the minister if he had his way.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director Reyneck Matemba said the bureau  is investigating Chaponda and issues related to the questionable procurement of maize by State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc).

But Kunkuu wondererd why ACB has not interrogated or even taken to court Chaponda after it  seized money in excess of K160 million, which they deposited with the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

He said the shielding of Chaponda  puts into question the moral standing of the President, the Executive and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In a statement,  ACB said investigations of such magnitude require enough time to ensure that the process is conducted thoroughly and in conformity to legal requirements.

However, Kunkuyu said the case of  Chaponda in similar to that of Victor Sithole who was found with 122 million Malawi kwacha and $22, 000.

Sithole, who was government’s Accounts assistant, the second official to be found guilty over Cashgate was found guilty of stealing more than $66,000 in cash.

His arrest in August 2013 after cash was found in his car boot kick-started what became known as the “cashgate” affair – the worst financial scandal in the country’s history.

It became public knowledge a month later following the shooting of the finance ministry’s then budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Kunkuyu wondered why Chaponda  is not facing similar process  of Sithole after ACB investigators confiscated K124 million, $57 500, 2 720 Indian rupee, 518 Ethiopian birr, 610 Pula, 1 200 meticais, 1 250 Kenya shillings, 80 Hong Kong dollars, 1 010 Japanese yen, 22 370 South African rands, 55 euros, 29 Zambian kwacha and 100 Namibian dollar which he was keeping in suitcases at his house.

“Where was Sithole on the night he was found with money in his car boots , did he sleep home?” wondered Kunkuyu.

Sithole was charged with three offences: Money laundering, illegal possession of foreign currency and being found with property reasonably suspected of being stolen and earned himself nine years imprisonment with hard labour.

Kunkuyu, who was the first to be appointed Cabinet minister in the past regime of president Joyce Banda, said the immediate past president allowed arrest of top government officials when they were fingured to be involved in Cashgate which is not the case in the current regime.

“The same officials who worked Joyce Banda are still working in the current regime and some are cabinet ministers,” noted Kunkuyu.

Kunkuyu said : “Malawi needs leadership that listen to the needs of the people.”

The new survey, carried out by Afrobarometer—a pan-African non-partisan research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions and related issues in Africa—indicates that most Malawians feel corruption has increased “a lot”.

In its summary of findings, the survey shows that about half of Malawians think that “most” or “all” police officers, business executives and officials in the presidency are corrupt.

Two months ago, the South African-based Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa) and Africa Minds  also made a damning summary in its report that successive Malawian Presidents have been involved in, or abetted, corruption by riding on mutating governance systems that have prevented citizens and even the ACB from holding them fully accountable.

The Malawi Confederation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) recently also admitted that corruption and fraud have become rampant and firmly rooted in doing business in Malawi, a development it said was making the country lose millions of public funds.

The 2017 Transparency International (TI) corruption index findings released in January this year also revealed corruption had worsened over the last few years resulting in the country drastically moving from position 88 in 2012 to 120 in 2016.

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21 thoughts on “Kunkuyu accuses Mutharika of abetting corruption in Malawi govt: Chaponda is sacred cow”

  1. Paulo says:

    I hope most of you the Kunkuyus of here you dont just only cause, insunuate, insight violence but also you must make malawians not vote for dpp but instead vote for mcp simply because the dpp have failed. Amongest tve failures of dpp dont forget are the network of roads, lessening of black outs, stabilising of kwacha, improvent of inflation rate, building of community colleges, stadiums.. I hope you have a big tast to convince the villagers in the rural areas to follow you. You have nothing to show

  2. Zander mutiuze says:

    There is nowhere in the world where a government is ruled by one member of family Can be a good government. Muntharikas, Kabwilas, North Korea, Assadi. Kings of Saudi Arabia Cuba etc. They take a country as family business. Since APM came to Malawi demaded to his brother to let him be president which lead Bingu to turn back on a woman Who helped him to win the election of 2009 things have not gone well in Malawi. Makawians and their fear to rise is the reason why Malawi is poorest to day. Youth in Malawi are passive.waiting for God to help them. It was wrong to give the nation to another Muntharika Who never stayed in the country for decade thinking of how he stole money from poor Malawi. Hiring a jet plane to take him to UN and South Africa is a sign of he does not care about how he spends money as long as he is comfortable. Why not hire Malawiana to give tax money to local company?Kamuzu took air Malawi when he visited UK. Could APM been travelling in private jets If he was not a president. Its ok for an old to travel comfortable but try to find a cheap way. Malawiana was the best to promote our Airlines.

  3. mangochi says:

    La 40 lidzakwana. Chaponda will serve time no matter how long his master shields him. The Allah I know is watching. Remember how long we waited to be liberated from Kamuzu? How long did Bingu wa Mutharika challenge Malawians? There was Noriega, Pinotchet, Hitler, Bin Laden, Obacha, Saddam Hussein, Mabuto Tsetse Tseko. The history is littered with dictators who made people suffer. These people felt they were untouchable but in the end Allah decided. The decision to punish Chaponda is nigh!

  4. Titani says:

    My fellow Malawians, don’t support evil things,you just clup hands for every thing why? How many people are arrested due to corruption casses? And how many people are not arrested while the envidence is clearly shown, and why? Please think as human beings created by God. Why selecting only those who have no people to stand for them? When other logic people saying it’s not right or proper to select arrest, but every one who is involved in corruption, should be proscuted, you blame them. Is this true justice you are supporting? Muli ndi vuto lamum’tima. Koma sizikuthandizani. Let us support good things and fear The AlMighty God, to make our better Mother Malawi move forward.

  5. tkb says:

    wake up malawi.this will never come to an end with this government of DPP.mbava zokhazokha.Malawians must try MCP in 2019.who is not fadeup with these old thieves?.

  6. Harawara says:

    The campaign to remove DPP from government calls for everyone who is inflicted by DPP man-made poverty and corruption. Do not leave the cause to political parties, Livingstonia Synod, UNIMA and PAC. Each one of us needs to go out flat out to our homes and villages and tell people not to vote for DPP again. Accusing and yelling each other here will not remove DPP. It will just raise our anger and BP. DPP relies on few greedy traditional leaders, MBC, some crazy clerics and hand outs. 64% of Malawians did not vote for DPP. So how can 64% not replace 34%? If each one of the 64% can make personal sacrifice and take the simple message home ( DONT VOTE DPP IN 2019). Remind your people promises DDP made and the nothing that has been achieved. Account for them the pain and suffering they are going through because of myopic leadership of DPP we will of load this corrupt government. One the reasons why DPP will fight to remain in power is the fear of the law against corrupt practices they have enjoyed without shame and remorse.

  7. john says:

    Mutalika he is also mbava thats why he dont lock up chaponda

  8. Wiseman says:

    Peter your days are numbered

  9. Wakuba says:

    Very foolish Kunkuyu and those agreeing with you. Which law states that you can’t keep cash under your bed? No country in the world criminalises keeping your money at home. Chapondas money was his and he produced evidence unlike Sithole. For your information some of us have billions in our homes because we don’t believe in banking our cash. We keep dollars and rands because it’s safer and very convenient . The Govt is stupid because the forex is not sourced from banks but the black market so why should they bother us as if it’s Malawis forex. How do externalise what was never internalised?

    1. Citizen says:

      Uli foolish ndiwe Wakuba ndi akuba anzakowo as kusunga mnyumbako ukuopa a bank adabwa ndikukukwenya. Agalu inu mukubwezera Malawi m’mbuyo. Shupiti zanu

    2. Kholowa mkabudula says:

      Hahahahaha! Don’t make yourself a loughing stalk man! You couldn’t find time to write this shit here if it was true what you are claiming to have. Search properly the laws of money, you can keep a reasonable amount at home just to open your eyes, if all who owns millions in banks decides to keep them in suit cases what will happen to the circulation of money? What condition the reserve bank will be? Kkkkkkkkkkk mr biliyoneya moto kuti waaaa!!!!

    3. Citizen says:

      Iweyo ndiamene uli very foolish because u have billions of cash yakuba yokhayokha nde ukulephera kuwona mavuto amene ali m’dziko muno. Ndiwe bwampini munthu wopanda chifundo. Please get lost and stop commenting on issues which u can’t understand. Sycophant wachabechabe iwe, mbuzi yopanda mano mkamwa. Kunkuyu walakwa kunena chiungamo? Your days are numbered, mark my words!

  10. MANYI says:

    Dear dpp Management
    A JOKE







    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      No sense in this article..!

  11. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Its true. Most cash gate convicts were arrested because they were found with huge sums of money outside the banks. In their homes and cars. BUT WHY is it that Chaponda is left to go free while found with huge sums of money also. Does it mean that in Malawi we select which people to prosecute and which ones not to??????? Pliz DPP and ACB, give answers that Malawians want NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  12. santana says:

    And you think you can fool people to the extent of electing you an MP in 2019?

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      I guess you will be surprised….just be on the look out!!!

  13. Patriot weniweni says:

    Malawi will never get anywhere with selective justice system.Politicians who are in the government are always shielded from being grilled by their corrupt leaders.Without a public outcry Chaponda would have never been sacked.It took the noise of the public and Cso’s .Its time all Malawians became serious with these people otherwise they are messing Malawi big time. What magnitude amount are they trying to hoodwink Malawians in comparison to Sitholes? Kondowe has even admitted that he is failing to conduct his job and there is no need of keeping as a head of ACB because is just wasting tax payers money. We need a changed Malawi with a new mindset.All corrupt politicians should be locked up and do time in different jails.The law should not only pounce on defenceless people and small fish like the sitholes.No one should be above the law.
    They went into politics to make easy riches not to serve the mass poor Malawians.

    1. Kholowa mkabudula says:

      But malawians will still vote for them so they can still mourn! Hahahahaha!

  14. san says:

    ‘Animals are equal but others are more equal’ so only those thy have no names thou shall be arrested,prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

Comments are closed.

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