Kyungu aide chased out of Karonga council meet

Paramount Chief Kyungu – the most senior traditional leader in the districts of Karonga and Chitipa – had his delegate, Alexander Mboma, chased out of a “full Karonga District Council meeting” for allegedly flouting local government laws.

Mwenefumbo:  I heard about the meeting as a rumouri

Mwenefumbo: Jerky communication

According to Chapter Five of the Local Government Act, no member of the council is supposed to send a delegate.

The meeting was supposed to discuss issues regarding the happenings of MASAF 4 project.

Chairperson of the Council, Patrick Kishombe, is said to have asked for the opinion of the members of the council after Kyungu had instructed that Mboma and other chiefs’ representatives should be allowed entry into the chamber.

Kishombe said he had “received a call from Paramount Chief Kyungu ordering the delegates to enter” but the members brushed aside the order, describing it as unlawful.

Deputy Minister of Education Vincent Ghambi, also Member of Parliament for Karonga North, said it would be “unfair” to let the delegates in.

Said Ghambi: “Why should you allow them entry when you denied our representatives entry into this very chamber because we’d sent delegates?” queried Ghambi.

Karonga North West MP John Kamwambi corroborated Ghambi’s sentiments, saying nobody was above the law.

The MPs were reacting to a Nyasa Times story published about four weeks ago, which laid bare the chasing of MPs’ representatives from the council.

Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo, speaking in personal capacity, had blamed his failure to attend meetings on “jerky communication strategies” on the part of the council.

Mboma, who insisted that he should be allowed entry, said Kyungu was “sick” and could not make it for the meeting thus the delegation.—Additional reporting by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times.

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Kyungu has too much power in Karonga. He grabs vehicles for his personal use at the district council. People fear him alot at the council. He is the one who was fueling disagreements between the council workers and the DC Moyo. he is always asking for allowances at the council


Khungu is rooting out corruption that is why he has stepped on some people’s toes.


Iwe la fote lizakwana ,.Ndiwe wa bodza kwambiri. Did you know ow kapote mwakasungula . He was a well respected chief, God fearing. A man of his word. Don’t talk rubbish if your head is empty of ngonde history.


Kyungu is the only chief with broad mind. Enanu mumaba ku assembly. Nde a chita bwino kyungu to do checks and balances. Umbava inu ku assembly uko ku karonga. Shupit . Kyungu watani . Mwaona mwasiya kuba mu kuti ndi oyipa? .Shupit Shupit. Go go go kyungu. You’re doing a good job.


Kyungu ,Mbelwa; Lundu, mponda; jalasi; Gomani; ; gawaundi ; are the strongest chiefs in Malawi for your information. Historically, kyungu and mm be lwa should have been presidents now. Not mbuzi zina zi. They’re politically sharp.

La 40 Lizakwana
This is a paramount Chief Kyungu who has all this time been a politician and does not want to differenciet between a roll of a paramount chief and a politician . He thinks that he is a boss in everything being done in Karonga and Chitipa . He has even gone to an extent of telling reverends to stop preaching in other languages apart from Kyangonde in churches languages like the Grandmother’s Jane Nyakhonjera which is Tumbuka instead he wants reverends to be preaching in Kyangonde which is the language for his late Late Grandfather Rev Amon Bufu Mwakasungula .… Read more »

I told you, Kyungu is an idiot!


No question about it


Kodi Kyungu amadzitenga ofunika kwambiri kuposa malamulo? I think mfumu ngati iyi yikuyenera kuchotsedwa. By the way, kodi mafumu ndiwofunikiranso in this age? Zinazi zikungotitayitsa nthawi. And why do we pay them as if they were employed or voted for? This money would have helped to alleviate financial problems in our hospitals. Zitsilu zotchedwa mafumuzi ndi zomwe zili mgulu losokoneza zinthu ngati kugulitsa malo,kuba makuponi komanso kubela anthu osauka munjira ngati kupereka zilango mokondera ndi zina. Chimene chingavute ndi chani titakhala wopanda agalu amenewa? Tiyeni tiwonepo pamenepa.

Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani

Karonga seems to have more governance issues, at the local jurisdiction level, than other districts. Why is that the case?
The chief (Kyungu) seems to be in the thick of the controversies, more than others. He seems to have earned respect in the past; but now he really risks making his domain a Potemkin village, in “Benghazi”.

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