Kyungu eggs Vuwa on federalism: ‘Malawi needs rotational presidency’

Paramount Chief Kyungu along with his counterpart Chikulamayembe have left President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s special adviser Symon Vuwa Kaunda egg-faced following their sudden change of heart to quash federalism as the two now say that they support the call for a federal state in Malawi.

When Vuwa Kaunda, who is presidential adviser on unity and parliamentary affairs held a series of meetings to garner support from the chiefs in government effort to counter federalism calls, the two condemned  those who were calling for federalism arguing that the move would divide the country and marginalize further the northern region.

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe : U-turn on anti-federalism

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe : U-turn on anti-federalism

However, both Kyungu and Chikulamayembe have made a surprise change of mind.

Kyungu, who was the first to champion the anti-federalism campaign said he is comfortable with federalism.

“But we need this to be a national call, not only from the people of the north. The North should not be seen to be the only one in support of federalism and I would want to advise its proponents to meet people in the Central and Southern regions to establish their stand and come up with a consensus,” said Kyungu who is from the northern district of Karonga.

However, Kyungu added that he would have been more comfortable with a proposal to have rotational presidency, arguing it is  a viable solution to cries of segregation.

Chikulamayembe from another northern district of Rumphi said he is in full support of federalism and that he gave proponents of federalism a blessing to champion the debate.

“To me they have genuine reasons. I earlier condemned federalism because the proponents did not consult me as a chief and went ahead to raise the matter in Parliament,” he said.

Chikulamayembe said his new stand has not been influenced by criticism from Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya.

Msowoya, who is also from Karonga condemned the northern region chiefs for rebuffing federalism without properly understanding the concept.

“I am not a chief who can easily be pushed. I am a chief who speaks his mind and I am speaking my mind,” said Chikulamayembe while refusing to discuss whether his earlier position was just to please Vuwa Kaunda or was out of any incentive from government.

Meanwhile,  President Peter Mutharika has called for “honest and lawful debate” on whether the country should adopt a federal system of government.

“It is a legitimate thing that people must be free to debate issues as long as they are doing it honestly and within the confines of the law,” said Mutharika at a news briefing on Monday October 6 in Blantyre.

Mutharika declined to give his views, saying doing so would stifle the debate.

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This people to hear they hear but they hear nothing to see they see but blindly its not that easy to start your on things, all i can say is good lucky wishes, wishing you to go well as am hearding to be in top position you was copied it will be opportunity for us southerners to get that top sits, mafumu ndimawadziwa ine ukangowagulira mowa basi amakutchula wabwino


Give Mpotozika/wakwithu (citizens if the north) full and and immediate independence. Recall all banks , Shut down govt and parasitatal offices and department, cut telkom services, radio and let them start development of their choice. No transitional period. All wakeuthu be on great trek wakukaya and vice versa.

The first thing is to cut government salaries from this month end and give them independence in December.


HAHAHAAH I can see people losing tempers here…they did the same when Orton Chirwa formed MCP and later they envied and killed him shamelessly…..they wanted to kill Chihana and failed…Look, Chihana introduced multiparty smartly!!!!!!


koma Kyungu asatitopetse mwanva, kodi akumudyetsa banzi ndani? kungokhala ngati mmene analili a Kaomba masiku apitawoo mxiewww. lero anene izi mawa izi, ngati sakuzimvetsa asiile anthu amene akuzitsata shupiti


do you knw that these guys frm south some dont understand federalism so plz dont involve them let us sought ou this issue.


Tizipitadi kwathu ku Boma nase tavuka nawo wachewa wanthu wambula nkhalo manyani kuti usange ise taluta kwithu kuzakatichemaso yayi nambula zeru kwinu Kamuzu wakayezga 1989 kweni vikamutonda wakatichemaso . Nthawi yakwana yoti tinyamuke zikomo kwambiri mwatiphunzitsa kuvala kumwa gondox ku mulankho nafe tsopano tikavine vimbuza capital yanthu ndi EMUZUZU nthawi yonyengelerana inatha kwanu maliro kwathu maliro tiyeni tizipita anzanga akumpoto komanso achigawo chapakati tiyeni anthuwa sakutifuna awa bola tinawavotela pano tasanduka opanda ntchito (kamuzganga ni fwiti yaye fwiti ni tilinganenge)kweni nyumba zithu muzipwelelenge makola na wana wose awo tababila kuno timulekelaninge kaya muziwagulitsa izo akaweruze ndi ambuye

Tony Bravado

mtemi witu ikutukwaba lori mwene akali one side… `there are bumpy roads to freedom`- kali bakumwera batolonda federalism loli uswe tukuya pofika- kwa mkungwe kope tikuya pofika mpaka Kyala apilike- itikishe na kutwamula.

Mzozodo Chabe
Heads must roll here,systems of governance are changing with time, examples are there to see, in the 1900’s who would have thought a black man would rule USA some day, there he is in USA ruling. In the same time line who would have thought that the World cup would come to Africa some day, 2010 it was in Africa. Look in Hong Kong when people rise up to a bad system they are like a Sunami until things change. So never say never in your language people. Because God is not human like us,where we stop thinking God starts… Read more »



Chaka chino ndiye matenanti anga ochokela kumwera ku Mulanje ndi Thyolo ndiwalowetsa pa tchile kuti amve kuwawa.Ife tiwina wina afune kaya afune.Fedulo oyee

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