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Lilongwe city is worse managed & has no future with the motives city management has. The new tarred road in area 49 behind Gullicer is the worst. Talk of Senti road, not finished at all. City yopweteketsa moyo ndi imeneyi of all cities in Mw. Go to the bus depot, you’ll cry for ur nation if you love it. Shame to the management of city & no wonder even their offices are not painted and have broken chairs at reception. Corruption have made them phychologicalky blind for sure. Something need to be done if what the Mimistry is saying is… Read more »

At first how did government award these companies?? do they inspect them before giving the contract to so called companies i dont blame these companies but those who award them to do the job that they can not manage to do it. Malawi goverment please some times you have to be serious enough when it comes to developments of this country we are lagging behind these roads were not surpose to be in cities, they have already started doing mentainance since the roads have develop potholes after 3months of construction so bad.


The truth be told this CEO is the worst in Lilongwe City Councils history
Go and see the quality of area 36-falls road done by mota-angil under the same programme… very nice that all ROADS done by plem construction

Peter Chimangeni

The ACB should investigate Lilongwe City Council for Grand Corruption. They demand kickbacks on projects. The Ministry of Local Government should investigate LLC for Gross Negligence and Corruption. A Lot of foreign investors are deliberately being frustrated by LLC and Malawi keeps on losing opportunities that would have transformed the city and the economy.


So other City Councils are providing good “toads” that residents are happy with?

When did councils start providing *toads*?

Poor headline

Joku joku
Hhhhm this is somehow a job well done for you Dakamau to have done the follow up on the roads. It’s a lot of monies mentioned here. I wondered at first, seeing the rubbishish work being done before they started drawing road markings on prima tar in which they were using house blooms/brooms. Now bwana KDakamau,how possible that your ministry and president is concentrating on one area on roads maintenance and leaving out the Salima— Nkhotakota—- Dwangwa road??????!!!## and yet our government is taking a lot of taxes from illovo ? Blantyre — chikwawa road was maintained because of Nchalo… Read more »
stein m'mela

The Area 23 -Chipasula Road is one of the poorly upgraded road,the construction company has no equipment ,mostly it was human beings used to do the rest of the work.I would urge the Ministry to physically inspect this road for the to appreciate the quality of the work done so far.

Concerned Resident