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Congratulations Mr. Minister for the job well done, this is what Malawi needs. There is indeed poor sanitation in our city comparing with Blantyre.

darth sidious

markus #4, if you didn’t put ‘ka something’ in a very big envelope together with your proposal, then it’s in the trash. sorry bro


Who was the previous Minister before Kondwani was dumped there? Surely if that particular minister never saw this and he has been moved to another ministry, APM should better do another reshuffle, koma if it was one of those that were fired I will say, for the first time, APM amayitha!!!

Ronald Chisaka

Kuyambira amayorwo uve even kukhomo kwano ungamwe madzi? City ndi b town chalamanda woooo

Khuth'upa o'Machemba

Enforcing the collection of fees, and rates should be beefed up. And those owing big money should either pay up, or taken to court with costs tacked on. Including MCP: have they paid their debt yet?


Anawasankhila mankhwala a mdala amene aja.he is suppose to be village headman not a mayor.

Lilongwe a very dirty city.I don’t how know much it cost put some bins around old town.Go to the bus depot it is spilling of sewage and chips is roasted nearby,foodstuff like nsima is sold nearby by vendors.some are urinating and shitting nearby after taking some cheap sachets.Lilongwe old town is like a warzone.It is stinking to hell.I wonder why we have LL council who collects fees on daily basis and do not improve the conditions of our city.LL city council are a shame.Probably they should take a leaf from Noel Chalamanda,the BT mayor who is changing the face of… Read more »
Nankununkha sadzimva

Kodi a mayor aja ali mtulo? I would love to meet the dude physically may be I can understand what convinced people to elect him

Ayobeee de Zobue

Lilongwe City council work up. You have a lawyer, why can’t you use him to do debt collection on city rates using court process? You can’t be sitting on money like that. Azanu akumatolera K200,000,000.00 pa Chaka using the process.


Chapondela palibe icho ukupanga bola ukalime kwanu ku NU kodi susilila azako a chalamanda?????