Lilongwe City Council sealing properties for rate defaulters

Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has started enforcing its laws on city rates by sealing properties of people that have not been paying dating back to three years ago.

Shop sealed by Council
Students from Luanda leaving the building as council evicts them to seal it

According to LCC, the problem of not paying city rates cuts across industrial, residential and commercial areas hence the arrears have amounted to K 9 Billion in the last three to seven years.

The Director of Planning and Development who is also the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LCC, Hilary Kamela highlighted that the exercise did not just start out of the blue and the defaulters were given a heads up.

After making calculations and other relevant paper work, we visited door to door everyone that owes LCC money was given letters and provided explanation and clarification where necessary,he said.

Kamela said people should not be surprised when they are told how much they owe the LCC since the money accumulates over time by four percent every month if they keep on evading paying city rates.

He said this is the first step to overcoming this problem and if it persists, LCC would introduce another measure.

“The plan is to seal first so that the owners can come and settle their debts, however, if this does not work we will start seizing and selling the properties to get what is owed to LCC.” Kamela added, advising that “In a case that your property has been sealed, you are encouraged to go to the LCC offices to settle the default.

However, if you cannot settle at once, you can discuss on the payment plan to show commitment and you will have access to your property.

Kamela encouraged and pleaded with everyone to make sure they pay city rates as it is the main source of money for running the office smoothly and ultimately help in providing best services.

“Apart from revenues, we heavily rely on city rates unfortunately, very few people are paying. So, I urge everyone to pay in order to help the council, he said.

One of the notable buildings that was sealed is part of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) owned by Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) at Biwi.

LCC sealed houses and shops in Area 10, Lilongwe Old Town and Area 2

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4 years ago

so is this Mwapasa orders?
aonetse mphavu and check his own out.

Mswati Gomani
Mswati Gomani
4 years ago

While I don’t encourage that people should default paying city rates, sealing their houses is not right. Just make a final arrangement with them to settle their bill within a specified time.

4 years ago

Kodi ma structures anu ngati council lodge, community ground and town hall mudzakonza liti so that we start using them for their intended purpose osati kumasokelamo zovala ndi kupangila ma business opanga photo copy?

C Banda
C Banda
4 years ago

Hello World,

Re the photo at LUANAR: notice that the police thug at the right is holding a tear-gas gun. It is not inconceivable that she would fire it into the building in order to flush out people. Such thugs have done that before, at MCP headquarters, and at Queen Elizabeth hospital, killing a child in the latter incident.Otherwise, why is there a need for the weapon in a simple eviction exercise?

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