Lilongwe Deputy Mayor in hiding: DPP thugs baying for her blood

Newly elected Lilongwe City Council Deputy Mayor, Juliana Kaduya, is in hiding following threats which she has been receiving since she was elected Deputy Mayor after knocking out fellow DPP councillor.

Lilongwe City Council Deputy Mayor, Juliana Kaduya: Threatened by DPP led by Mphepo

Kaduya said she has been living in hiding soon after winning the election because of allegations levelled against her that she voted for Dr Desmond Bikoko of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to be mayor.

The DPP accuses her of being a political traitor and its ruthless youth cadets are all out to show their brutal side and are baying for her blood.

Speaking to Nyasa Times in her hiding place, Kaduya said she has been receiving death threats and she know they are coming from the ruling DPP.

She said DPP acting secretary general Francis Mphepo challenged openly that she will be dealt with.

“We will deal with you. You have betrayed us,” Mphepo was heard audibly  threatening the councillors.

And when the DPP members formed a caucus inside the Lilongwe Civic Offices building but outside the chamber, Mphepo was again overhead telling the party faithfuls that the party will deal with the two councillors.

“I cannot disclose where I am living at the moment but I can confirm that I have been receiving death threats, people have been calling me that they will deal with me so am living dangerously now,” said Kaduya.

According to Kaduya regime thugs have put her on surveillance in order to deal with her.

But in an interview, DPP Youth Director for the Central region, Rajab Malimba, said they will not deal with the deputy mayor.

“Of course DPP is disappointed with pour two councillors these are; Gibson Kantondoli and Juliana Kaduya who voted for Dr Bikoko. These councillors behaved as if they are not in a blue league,” said Malimba.

But asked to comment on remarks made by Mphepho openly that the party will deal with Katondoli and Kaduya, he said as secretary general he may have other “bigger plans.”

After the mayoral elections. DPP Youth Cadets  reminded that the party is built on foundations of violence and intorelance with savage acts beating people they suspected to have “betrayed” the party by “eating” but failing to vote for its  candidates to take the mayoral posts.

Commentators have argued that DPP is giving itself a bad name by refusing to accept defeat honourably and the party has been urged ti have a moment of reflection other than continueing with its savage culture

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.


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Political and tribal thinkin plus corruption are tbe key factors malawi will never develop, za ma cadets za chani, ati party loyalist, yet mukudyera khwani ur bosses amene akukutumani ali ndi ndlama zosayamba, lets all work for the betterment of our country nt work fo some thugs n assholes


DPP ndinu mbuzi simudzawinanso chisankho. Muzidalira kubwera komweko


Manje a DPP mikhaya ku paya mu kazi neo mapapata namu akapondo imwe sembe a kapokola wa ku Malawi akanapsyota akapondo amene yaja

Mphwesakole Muyaya

Dpp(Mphepo) ndale zoyendera mphavu zizakusalirani tikazachita. About turn. Mukafunse business tycon Mulekezi.m


But you stupid people still vote for these dpp thugs. I have said many times that dpp is led by thugs at the top who have many thuggish followers at all levels. That is the true dpp showing all its colours.

And the Big man is quiet but just nodding for the good work his thugs are doing.


Where is the President to stop all this nonsense? Simple, there is no president with guts! Malawians, if you vote for this man again you are mad!

“Of course DPP is disappointed with pour two councillors these are; Gibson Kantondoli and Juliana Kaduya who voted for Dr Bikoko. These councillors behaved as if they are not in a blue league,” said Malimba – Bwana Malimba, that’s exactly what our RT. Honourable VP said not to clap hands on trivial and stupid things. The two DPP excised their rights by voting for the candidate they know will deliver. Wake up Mr. Malimba, wake up man. A big hand to Gibson Kantondoli and Juliana Kaduya for voting Dr Bikoko as Lilongwe City mayor. We need performers and not boot… Read more »
aKamsoti Mdyomba Odyandula
aKamsoti Mdyomba Odyandula

Shaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!. Wati nekest


come out!no more hiding!come out!and shed your blood 4the good of the Malawi nation.come out!

Voice of Reason

Who are these Cadets? Don’t they live among us? We need to isolate them and give them a dose of their own medicine these lazy bones!

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