Malawi Cabinet reshuffle brings great expectations: Mutharika to rejig his ministerial team 

Malawian President Peter Mutharika will carry out a reshuffle of his cabinet ministers and is putting the finishing touches  and it will be particularly difficult to maintain the lean ministerial team as he wants to rope in politicians lured to support his administration from the opposition, Nyasa Times understands.

President Mutharika waves at MPs: Who will he pick from these to be in his new ministerial team

State House and government spokesman Nicholoas  Dausi refused to comment on possible changes, saying  issue of appointments and removal of Cabinet Ministers is the prerogative of the President.

But it is understood that the finance minister, Goodall Gondwe, Agriculture and Water,  Joseph Mwanamvekha, Civic Education Minister Grace Chiumia, Local Government  minister Kondwani Nankhumwa,  would all be continuing in their posts.

The reshuffle could also see the entry of  Ralph Jooma, former chief whip of the People’s Party (PP)  and Welani Chilenga a PP legislature from Chitipa.

Mutharika is said to be preparing to appoint former PP leader Uladi Mussa into the Cabinet.

AccoridIng to various sources in government,   Ken Kandodo—who once served in Democratic Progress Party (DPP) and PP governments as a Cabinet minister— and last year rejoined Malawi Congress Party (MCP), is being lured to accept a ministerial post .

Kandodo is a grand nephew of former president Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

From the DPP, there are indications that President Mutharika wants to bring back Mulanje West MP and former Cabinet minister Patricia Kaliati.

Kaliati was fired in April 2017 as Minister for Civic Education, Culture and Community Development on allegations she quaralled with DPP’s Secretary General Jeffrey wa Jefferey in Mulanje after Mutharika’s rally as she confornted Jefferey for not recognising her presence when Jeffrey delivered her speech.

She was replaced with DPP Deputy Secretary General Cecilia Chazama who is now at Home Affairs and reportedly safe in the  reshuffle..

“There have been clear indications of an upcoming Cabinet reshuffle but the timing remains uncertain,” a government  source told Nyasa Times.

Sources says Mutharika is juggling a lot of balls considering the reshuffle will be political alignment  every sacked minister or shunned backbencher is another potential enemy who could blow everything up.

One of the reasons for conducting the reshuffle is reward new political bedfellows of DPP and get them around the Cabinet table sooner rather than later.

Mutharika also has to to cut  deadweight and has  a delicate balancing act.

The ruling DPP is also expected to make some changes in its Central Region committee  where former chief State spy Binton Kutsaira is expected to be regional governor to replace Dean Josiah Banda, Professor Isaac Lamba and Clara Makungwa, a former director of women in PP will also be injected in the committee and  Mrs Makuta  will regional director of women.

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Petre Mathanyula

Za ziii ati kuonjezera maunduna kuti adzawinenso. Anthu ovota ali ku mudzi osati mu cabinet ayi. Zopusa anthu ene kumasangala ndi zozizira ngati izi. Uladi Mussa walowa dpp kuti mulandu wake wa ma passport amuphimbire. So when Chakwera says Pitala is the prince of thieves, lomwes say Chakwera is jealousy. Tionana 2019. Kumwerako kuli wathu Sidic Mia ngati mukudzinamiza nafenso tipezako mavoti kumeneko.


So Peter Mutharika can change regional committees anyhow, but when it is Chakwera people cry foul! Okay.




Brother Maunitsi zinyadani ndi munthu wanuyo. The highest he can achieve ndi u Leader of opposition. Satan is the one who opposes God. Here on earth satan is the one who opposes government. All the best maunitsi ndi satana wanuyo.


Ndava chisoni koopsa!! Ee koma man apa mwalankhulatu wawa.

Jooma I believe would make a good addition to Cabinet, Uladi I am not so keen he is just a tidye nawo but if he can bring in votes ok let’s give him another chance but he has too many scandles. I guess In this reshuffle the president is trying to balance government performance and Political mileage. That’s tough gaining Political mileage could undermine performance but if done right he can get the performance going and that could drive his ratings up. I believe his main concern is votes so I won’t be surprised to see the old boys back… Read more »

Kodi tikadzawinanso aMalawi onse adzasangalala osati Mulakho okhaokha?Paja pakalowa njokatu chenjera Kandodo.



mlomwe was Ku MJ

Suzungwilizana ……kupusa ndiye kumeneko!

Mzanga Dausi

A Chilenga akatanimo mu cabinet. Awo ndiye masewara apanchenga tu tsopano pitala.


kkkkkkkk koma kumeneko njenje njenje a Chakwera mwawawona eeeeeeeee! Ife tili nyodoooooo! ndi Chakwera wathu.

Makewana ndi Mlauli

When you do something good, you are always shouted by PAC. The best way is to do bad by increasing cabinet to 26 so that PAC`s shout should be genuine. Ngati madam kunyumba nthawi zonse amangoti amunanga zibwenzi pamene zili zabodza, pedza chibwenzicho kuti akamakunena zizikhala zowona.

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