Malawi economic growth to be lower than 5.8% – President

Malawi President Peter Mutharika said on Tuesday that the country’s growth in 2015 will fall short of the 5.8 percent projected at the beginning of the year because of the damage massive floods have caused to the country’s farming industry.

A displaced child walks through the mud at the Nchalo camp for flood refugees.

A displaced child walks through the mud at the Nchalo camp for flood refugees.

Anita and her grandchildren sit in their collapsed home that was destroyed by the flooding in Malawi.

Anita and her grandchildren sit in their collapsed home that was destroyed by the flooding in Malawi.

“The recent floods have caused a lot of damage and will bring many negative socio-economic effects to the Malawian economy,” Mutharika said in a State of the Nation address, broadcast from the capital, Lilongwe.

“The growth for the country is largely driven by the agriculture, manufacturing, electricity, water and mining sectors, among others,” he noted.

“These have been adversely affected by the floods, to the extent that the country is likely to achieve economic growth lower than the 5.8 percent projected earlier for 2015,” said Mutharika.

The annual tobacco crop is the largest export earner for Malawi, which relies on international aid for 40 percent of its budget. Agriculture, mining, electricity provision and water supplies have been severely disrupted by the floods, Mutharika said.

A total of 415 schools have been affected, with 234 having been damaged and 181 being used as relocation sites for the displaced.

Mutharika noted that nearly 200,000 students were unable to attend school as a result of the crisis.

He added that most health centers in flood-prone areas had been damaged or lacked the personnel and supplies to cope with the needs of displaced populations.

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Why Ma Tent wa akumanganso kufupi ndi Madzi?


The title of the article should have been , “Malawi ever stagnant economy takes a downward turn.” There has never been any meaningful economic growth in Malawi.

Msangaambe Phiri
Peter dont take us as stupid ppl bcz these staments you are talking here are baseless.There is no country in Africa experiencing blackouts like ours,without floods or with floods things are just the same.You are like talking to that Bullets Couch from Burundi who doesnt know the origin of the problems we are facing.The growth rate was expected to be lower already not just bcz of floods dont put mud on faces of Malawian ppl Mr President.After all government has not done anything interms of money to affected ppl.All the assistance comes from the international community,to say the truth.So i… Read more »
ibrahim makwati

Apresident yambani kulankhula sopano zolankhula zapezeka sopano mutha kulankhula olonkhani zachuma SOKALAWINA NDI MWAI WA WINA

Wa aNabanda

Usanamizire ma floods bwampini

man chiko

On electricity , its a big shame that we are exporting power to zobwe in mozambic thr mwanza boma where escom daz not alaw a single blackout while we r in darkness. mwanza pple dont have blakouts bcoz they use the same lines to zobwe which r taken to be special. amalawi/escom,whats wrong with us/u? nkhani yopala moto wamagetsi ku kaborabasa ili pati kodi? zinthu ziziwolera mumafiliji mpaka liti kodi?


Akunama uyu guys, the guy has no clue how to run a government. Believe me!


The problem is that we as human beings have not been responsible for the past 20 years in looking after our nature. We cut down trees senselessly and do not plant any, we plough our land up to the edges of the rivers and streams, we throw rubbish in the streams and rivers and this rubbish develop gases which cause the lake to explode with rain causing the floods. All these things have been happening and continue on the UDF,DPP, PP and now again DPP governments with no any policy enforced.I miss Kamuzu eeeish!!!!

Eagle Eye

Floods no floods Malawi has ever been poor.Escom has a horde of useless ENGINEERS.Blackouts are norms of the day in Malawi.Stop deceiving Malawians Mr president.Nothing seems to tick in this tiny impoverished country.It is always cheap politicking.


Eee!! ikakuona litsiro sikata mvula paiwe! komabe what is impossible with men, with God is possible.

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