Malawi Electoral Commission cancels by-elections over lack of funds

Pollster, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has indifintely postponed the highly contetious June 6 Lilongwe south east rerun election and other by-elections in the country.

Ansah: No money, no byelections

MEC chairperson Jane Ansah has told a high level stakeholders meeting in the constituency that the government has said it has no money to fund the Supreme Court ordered rerun and other byelections.

“The government says it can only have money after this year’s budget is passed, therefore we cannot do anything about it,” said Ansah.

She said the government has categorically said it has money for essential services only including the buying of drugs in its hospitals.

Opposition political parties, who already started campaigning, were very angry with the decision, saying it was ill timed and in bad faith.

The meeting was taking place at Chiwoko Primary school at the time Nyasa Times was posting this online.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi Electoral Commission cancels by-elections over lack of funds”

  1. DOBO says:

    I follow what MEC is saing. Soon after Supteme Court ruling,MEC said they will consult about the rulling.Few days later,they said they could not conduct the election because Government had money.Just few days from that anoucement,they anounced the date of 6 June,2017 as the date of by-election not a re-run meaning the monex was then available.While Malawians were discussing the decision to conduct by-election not a re-run as ruled by highest court in Malalawi,the MEC is bucj to square one, no money. There are many implications and conclusions which can be drawn from these swifts and turns.One thing for sure the MEC’s image and credibility are greatly damage leading to tough and rough road to 2019.

  2. ungwelu says:

    This is not adding up………….

    Why postpone by-elections indefinitely? Parliament budget Meeting will be in June 2017 for the 2017/2018 financial year.


  3. Mmalawi says:

    Ozathu nkhanz,a izo. mmmmmm

  4. Hatton Mbewe says:

    Mndambala Boy, wati chani? Central region are malawians okonda mtendere? Since when, anthu anyakula, nkhaza ndi nyau inu? mukayambana ku central region kwanuko mumatengana ndi kumakapherana ku south, remember 1983 zomwe zinachitika ku Thambani?
    musiye nkhanza anthu a central region mosogozedwa ndi Chakwera, m’busa wakugwa.

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Ndiwe wekhatu panopo ukuonetsa umburi, sindikudziwa kuti ubongo wako ukuyenda, Man ask anthu akwanu kuti the time zimapangidwa zosakhala bwinozo as you are still claiming, anthu amapanga zimenezo ndi ati? akuuza kuti ndi amene ali ku DPP that is why achina Chasowa ndi ena anaphedwa, Ufunseso kuti MCP anayambitsa ndani? akuuza kuti ndi anthu aku South pamodzi ndi North, but why anasankha Kamuzu kukhala President from Central? I would love to see you coming again here ukatolera komaso ukakhala Mmalawi weni weni, osati umbuli ulinawowo, you remember July 20?

  5. jab says:

    koma tiziwona

  6. Chitukuko says:

    The leadership is aware that it will not make it. I ask you fellow Malawians to refrain from divisive political language let us get UNITED as one person without mentioning who comes from where, because everyone is feeling the burden from Chitipa to Nsanje. For example IPte 9 and Odl 4 teachers are not employed across the country. Yet teacher pupil racial is very sharp graphically, but the government is silent we do not know where the money went which they said it was ready for recruitment of teachers. We should live as one person and bring change to the country through the voice of a vote come 2019.

  7. alungwana says:

    So sad but we understand the politics behind it. Akunjenjemela

  8. peter chipo says:

    This is contempt off court. MCP should start contempt proceedings against MEC, the ST and the Minister of FIance. we knowe they would paly such tricks.

  9. Kaloswe Minyeriwa SC says:

    Can someone clearly define the word “Government”

  10. Baba Puludzu says:

    DPP ikuopa masankho coz ikudziwa kuti ndi mmene ziliri pa ground mmadela ose sangawine kotelo angoyalukapo chabe.

  11. dambudzo says:

    That party was too pompous and big headed about this election. So who does it pain now? Childishness to bring spanners where we dont need them.

  12. Faour says:

    A failed all lomwe government, kodi by-election ikanakhala ku Thyolo ndalama zikanasowa? Makhwalawo mwinna azipezeka ku Thyolo ndi Mulanje hospitals. anthu ankhanza komanso kuba………

  13. Sober says:

    This is unacceptable, MEC is just a DPP puppet used to shoot opposition down. We know you are after numbers in the next parliament session. By shooting 2 or so seats, DPP thinks will get majority, to my foot.
    MEC is all unprofessional and childish, how did you set a day if you were not sure of the money. Where is the 500 million you announced earlier, becareful we know the game being played here.

  14. Matandani says:

    I doubt Jane Ansah`s credibility, she seems she is not independent and she is taking instructions from DPP. Anyway the problem is with our constitution for giving too much powers to the president. She chose her to be electoral body chair, so she wants to please the appointing authority.

    1. Wakale says:

      You people must understand that Justice Jane Ansah is very DPP. She has always been and she was Attorney General during Bingu reign. Although she claims at times to come from Melanie we all know that the Mjojos are Chews from Kamphasa. She was Justice Mbenderas best friends and when she went back to she recommended Mbenderas to be Attorney General. Remember that Mbenderas was DPP lawyer and when there was a case between the Executive and Judiciary Mbenderas was the lawyer representing the Executive. He was later appointed High Court judge and later Supreme Court judge even though he never really functioned as a judge. When the dull Joyce Bandai sacked Mbenderas as Attorney General Justice Msusa recommended him to be Chair MEC unfortunately JB not reading the game accepted hence her downfall because Mbenderas vowed that “as long as am chair this woman will not win the election”. Fortunately God said true utility you will not eat your sinful fruits and Mbenderas died. It is common knowledge that Jane Ansah is one of the most incompetent judges Malawi has ever had so don’t be surprised.

  15. Rift Valley says:

    Dear Lilongwe South East constituents.
    You have been duped. This government does not give a hoot about your well being.
    You know what to do come 2019.
    Please keep monitoring the situation in your health centres to see whether government is living up to it’s declarations about money being available for hospital drugs and other necessities.
    I wonder whether this would have been the case had the by election been somewhere in Thyolo, Mulanje, Chiradzulu or Phalombe.

  16. santana says:

    Mbendera wakoma lero?

  17. kamwendo says:

    Wawopa! wawopa! wawopa kumenyedwa DPP!

  18. Queen says:

    This government is a total failure, they are there to steal basitu. I’m talking to my lawyers to see if we can sue both the government and the Lomwe Electoral Commission. We have had no drugs in hospitals and the DPP government doesn’t care and accept Malawians are dying from healable diseases ndiye lero mukuti mugula mankhwala……………………… bodza anthu ankhaza inu, we’ll meet in court. Kodi by-election ikanakhala ku Thyolo ndalama zikanasowa?

  19. Chaponda chimanga says:

    Total lie

  20. Nabiyeni says:

    Izi ndiye zabodza izi. Inu nomwe mwakana re-run ku Area 23 mumafuna mulowetse anthu ena pano mwaona sizikugwira ndiye mwati palibe ndalama. Za ziiiiii!!

  21. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    We all know Mai Ansah that DPP has set that plan but am sure had it been this is happening in Thyolo, zikanachitka kale lomwe ndipo simukanatsutsapo chifukwa zikwanje zikanakupezani pompo koma zimenezi zili pa Central we are Malawians osunga mtendele ndi bata, am proud being from Central the mother of all regions!!! tiyenazoni tipezani mkati mwandime momwemo.

  22. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Jane Ansah has started off badly and her decision will lead Malawi to a tragedy. I don’t doubt it, someone is spinning her behind the scenes. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  23. Zembo says:

    Very unfortunate

  24. Trendex says:


  25. Pitala says:


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