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Of Malawi famous prophet Bushiri and his wealth: A biblical perspective –Part 1

After the interview that Prophet Bushiri had with the BBC World Service, I would like to add a few facts which both the followers and critics alike must understand about the man.

The Prophet relaxes in one of the four jets he owns

Prophet Bushiri is also in beverage: Ejoying his time at Favour Drink warehouse

Mark of an entrepreneur: Launching his Emerald mine in Zambia

Prophet Bushiri stands in front of his newly launched Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa in Rusternberg, South Africa

Charity work: Bushiri also give to the poor, here he is seen carrying a bag of maize when he donated the grain to hunger stricken Malawans

As a prophet called by God Himself, every aspect of Prophet Bushiri’s life is guided by the inspiration of God and principles set forth in the Holy Bible.

I will talk about few points that were brought about in the interview which we must not be ignorant about as the Bible says in Romans 11:25. God, in the verse, says he does not want his people to be ignorant for fear of being deceived.

As Mathews 11:38 says, the truth about heaven has not been revealed to others. And it is those people that have not yet received the truth and understanding from God, who can mislead those seeking the path of righteousness and following the man of God, Major 1. The good thing is that God is always ready to reveal the truth to his people.

Let me begin with the perception that Prophet lives a lavish life. We can debate what lavish life means, but, truth be told, Prophet Bushiri lives a kind of life that he can afford with the blessings that God has generously bestowed on him.

The God that Prophet Bushiri serves is not a poor God and, most importantly, He is a God that does not associate Himself with poverty.

He is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who, in their seasons of life, God blessed them with great wealth. In Genesis 13:2, we read of how Abraham was very rich by all measures riches.

King Solomon was very rich even in hundreds of billions of modern wealth, according to 1kings 10:14-29.  The only righteous man of his time in the East, Job, whom God loved so much, was also very rich. According to Job 1:3 -4, Job and his family were so rich that they frequently held parties in a manner that critics today would call a lavish life style.

As you will notice when you read the Bible, all the great men of the Bible that God blessed with untold wealth, lived like rich people and remembered to worship God and thanked him.

God blessed them as a testimony that trusting in God is a good thing. As Deuteronomy 28:1-2, those that obey God and keep His covenants, he raises them high above nations and all blessings accompany them. And that’s what God has done and will continue to do for Prophet Bushiri.

Another point raised is about the selling of various items of faith and healing with labels of Prophet Bushiri. Like I said, everything that Prophet Bushiri does is under the inspiration of God and principles of the Bible.

Remember that in the Old Testament, from the time when God established the tabernacle and priesthood and Levites at Mount Sinai, according to the books of Exodus and Leviticus, and other Pentateuch books of the Old Testament, Priests and Levites had to be supported mainly by tithes of the people.

Leviticus 27:32 -33 clearly explains that. Numbers 18:26-28, among other texts, also explains that they had to survive on tithes.

But in the New Testament, the Bible sets mainly two principles that guide the means of sustenance of the Apostles or prophets’ personal lives and their ministries.

The two means are, one, free-will giving by their members; and two, personal income generating activities or in modern language, entrepreneurship, by the prophets as Paul was doing according to Acts 18:1-4.

While on one hand, Christians were pledging and giving financial support to the ministry of apostles as put in Acts chapter 4:32-37, on the other hand, Paul was making tents and selling them.

He was using the money to support himself, the ministry and also give to the poor in some form of charity work which Prophet Bushiri commits himself towards.  

And on Acts 20:33-35, Apostle Paul does boast that he did not beg from his members to survive or do his work, but he did business to earn money. In other words, he was an entrepreneur of his time like Prophet Bushiri.

It is also important to understand and learn from Jesus Christ. What most people do not know is that the ministry of Jesus, from which Prophet Bushiri gets his inspiration and special calling to preach the gospel, was not a ministry that thrived on poverty.

Jesus was not poor in monetary terms as he ministered.  The Bible is very clear that Jesus Christ had a treasury within his ministry which Judas Iscariot was in charge of according to John 12:6 among other verses.

Even on situations where Jesus performed miracles and multiplied food to feed a multitude, he did not do it because his ministry had no money. The Bible makes it clear on Luke 9:13 and other verses that Jesus had money for the ministry and Apostles suggested to go and buy food.

But Jesus was ready to perform a miracle to save time and bring glory to his father in heaven. The ministry of Jesus, just like that of his servant Prophet Bushiri, was not ministry to be identified with poverty. There is no poverty in God.

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