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Koma ndiye makolo anthu akhala akuthandizidwa moyo wawo onse ifenso chimodzimodzi koma zimenezi zimandidenkhawa kuti tingatani kuti tizitha kudziyimila monga dziko. But thanks for all the support we have beem given .

john phiri

A Malawi kunyoza basi. basi kunyoza osaona zabwino akuchita APM shame on you provoking curses on your life & generation.


I thought this is a god fearing country that wants to discriminate gays, coz god hates homosexuals? Why then a religious country is willing to get money from British taxpayers, people who the majority don’t actually think there is a homophobic god with a half Jewish son living in the sky? One thing I will never understand is: why are religious people hypocrites? And some of you are actually thanking a god for this donation, coming from non believers, koma religion! It’s such bullshit…


Thank God for the support DFiD has given us because this will take care of our relatives in the villages. Most villagers especially the elderly and children are facing serious malnutrition. I ask Malawians and local stallholders to help the government in supporting the needy in our communities. Would you Airtel, TNM and other mobile phone operators please come in to support your hungry customers in villages, we need to see your love


DFID we are grateful to the donation also consider with budgetary support or else malawi will collapse, you dont want also migrants from here heading to your shores.

Here we go again! The usual mixed messages from Malawi. “Zero-aid” budget (but here’s a few billion kwacha from UK and US for food-aid!) Malawi is supposed, by the Mutharika family, to be resource-rich but only its people they say are poor. No sign yet of these rich resources, however, except at the Hilton dining-tables in New York but plenty of that poverty in the maize-fields of Malawi, also in the empty Nsanje port, and in the silent Kayelekera mine! The government is said to have “reformed” its public finances, but the VP is still warning us against the “cashgating”… Read more »

Asayembekezere kuona olo one dollar ntooo. Igawe ndi DFID.
Have never seen such an irresponsible predident l7ke this one.
Oh paja IMF yampatsa malikisi 0.

Decent Citizen.

Put proper controls.Just a mere warning is not enough.How many cashgaters have been warned before?.A mere word of “WARNING” will never change things in Malawi.Thieves are immune to this word .The only solution is to mete out some harsh punishments like in Kamuzu Banda’s time when returning back from you called yourself lucky.