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Malawi gospel star Gwamba engaged to sweetheart Kondi: Spoils fiancee by putting up K10m proposal

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in a man or woman’s life and  Malawi’s gospel rapper Gwanga had  to choose Sparkling Waters Hotel in Rustenberg, South Africa, to  be locked in the  hands of  beautiful sweetheart Kondi.

Inscription of Kondi symbolising they engaged.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Gwanda and Kondi just after jetting off the chopper.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Put the ring on it: Displaying the K2 million engagement ring.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

‘Better’: Gwamba puts up a K2 million ring to it.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Gwamba putting a ring on Kondi’s finger to signfy engagement.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Gwamba and his finace with Major 1 Prophet Bushiri after the engagement.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Gwamba and his finance Kondi.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

Love is in the air, Gwamba and Kondi in a chopper on engagement day.- Photo by Regobooth Global Multimedia

The message is clear for ladies now, Gwamba is officially taken. He is no longer available.

As expected of his colour and love of splendour, the ‘Better’ hitmaker put up a proposal engagement estimated at K10 million.

Gwamba and his fiancee arrived from Pretoria, about 120 km, on a chopper to the suprise of family and friends who came to witness.

The two, then, walked on the clean and shaved corridors of Sparkling Hotel owned by Prophet Shephered Bushiri where Gwamba, real name Duncan Zgambo, put a ring to it.

Looking exctatic and fill of energy, Gwamba told Nyasa Times that he has finally met his match and, further, he thanked God for giving him a woman to marry.

“Wives come from God. So too are husbands. I have spent months and days seeking God’s in choosing a woman I should. I have a strong feeling that God has answered me by giving me my beautiful Kondi,” he said.

After kneeling down and asked her hand for marriage, she said ‘yes’. He then got the engagement ring  and put it on her finger.

Gwamba, who is releasing an EP in March, also thanked his family and friends for gracing their event and underlined that he doesn’t take it for granted.

Dates of their wedding, according families of both, will be announced in due course.

Apart from family members, there other key Malawian celebrities that also graced the event. Among others, they include BFB, Janta and Malceba.

Gwamba said he can’t wait to start a family.


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