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All jobs are going to expartriates malawian can only suffer in their country,those who have rich backing end up going out of the country to look for jobs, some educated graduates end up becoming servants or messengers of the exparts who most of them are illitrate. we read many article in the papers how malawians are suffering in their work places at the hands of this so called exparts and our government or the labour law has a blind eye to this untill our government wont chase them out of our country we will suffer?


An amazing article and well written, lets hope government should do something. Keep it up


Jobsinmalawi.net is really doing a recommendable job to our country Malawi and yes government alone can not manage to allocate jobs to every one but at least it should help jobseekers to have access to vacancies and job openings in the country . why can’t it come up with a dedicated jobsite just like jobsinmalawi.net so that people should be able to access jobs easily and on the common platform? News papers alone are not enough in this digital world we are living in. Come on!!

Angel of Doom
Very interesting. In Malawi work is only when you work for someone or something and get paid for it. We in Malawi do not even think how the person we are working for got to the point of employing us. The youth that we always lament about, are afiliated to the government of the day, and each successive government has apeased them by giving them “Loans” which have done nothing but encourange them to ask for more. In this country very few people look at working for themselves as a way of life, they would rather live from day to… Read more »