Malawi govt to introduce anti-strike laws: Minister Mussa says ‘osagwira ntchito asadye’

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Henry Mussa has said government want new legislation that bans strikes that are  illegal.

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Henry Mussa: Illegal strikes will be banned

Mussa disclosed this during the parliament meeting in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

He said the deliberations were underway with stakeholders to have the employment Act amended so that workers who do not follow the laid down procedure for industrial action should ‘pay for it’.

“There are procedures that make a sit-in or strike legal and not all the strikes or sit-ins we have follow the procedure. So we are saying it’s high time we applied the doctrine of ‘those who do not work should not eat – osagwira ntchito asadye’,” said Mussa.

He continued: “This will mean that you sit-in quite alright but at the end of the month you will not be paid for the days you skipped work – that is the law we are trying to introduce in this chamber.”

According to Mussa the majority of stakeholders consulted in the amendment of the employment act are in support of the law.

Commenting on the current sit-in of teachers in the country, the Minister said it was not illegal if they had followed the procedure for staging such action.

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18 thoughts on “Malawi govt to introduce anti-strike laws: Minister Mussa says ‘osagwira ntchito asadye’”

  1. Asema says:


  2. As says:

    Nyasi chipani chautsiru popeza mumakawinira ku court

  3. winston msowoya says:

    Where did you get your doctorate Dr.Tonde? Do you mean that we are back in the era of Hastings Banda whereby,Malawians for 32 years had no rights of everthing. Malawians are entitled to strike if their demands are not met.These are human beings,they have families to take care of as you do.In the wake of economic down-spiral which shows no sign of improvement,workers have no other alternative in a real democratic country other than stand for their rights.Even Dausi himself,if he was in similar quandary,he would have similar feelings.So Dr.Tonde,leave the wretched workers to go to the streets to protest against the unfair treatment by their bosses.You can not do that because you earn good salary if Iam not mistaken,you have to sympathise with poor people who also have families like you.These are the people who deserve government’s backing and not threats.Dausi cares about his own family and is unconcerned about the sufferings of our people,but time will come,no matter when.Where is Banda,Muluzi,Bingu and J.Banda?

    1. Dr Tonde says:

      Winstone Msowoya, all those countries that implemented no work no pay including RSA, Germany and the UK are far more vibrant democracies than Malawi. Lets take that it was a company, if it closes for 3 months due to a strike where would the company get the money to pay the staff? Just because it is government basi anthu adzipita ku indefinite paid strike zoona? Change the law. Rights without responsibility hasn’t served Malawi well!!!!

  4. Hoosen says:

    Stp impossin laws that works fr u wen u r failn to gvn.

  5. Zimba says:

    Henry Mussa is right aphunzitsi anyanya ndi ma strikes. Please teachers slow down.

  6. CIVIL SERVANT says:

    im not a lawyer but im wondering if this proposed legislation is legal. Will it not go against the constitution which allows peaceful industrial action – except for essential services (Health, Security, e.t.c) therefore making it invalid?

  7. Mary says:

    Nanga ogwila ntchito koma osalipidwa…adya chiani?

  8. Dr Tonde says:

    Mussa is absolutely right. This is the norm all over the world, You don’t get paid when you go on strike! Its as simple as that. if this law was available in Malawi those lazy chancol lecturers would have been back in the classroom by now! Those Chancol lecturers are crazy! how come their Polytechnic or KCN counterparts havent gone on strike? Some of the reasons for striking in Malawi are laughable! leave grant ndiyopitira ku strike?

  9. youna says:

    Kodi dzikoli likupita kuti abale? Zoona munthu mukamuponda asalire? Nanunso aphunzitsi munkapinda ma figure kuti njoka ziwine zisankho, lerotu ndizimenezi……….

  10. avinty says:

    lamulo sitipangila chikuwawe anduna!!!!!!!!

  11. Lit says:

    Amphunzitsi ndi anthu omwe amatengeka nthawi ya chisankho. Amalorela kubela chisankho atapatsidwa 5000k. Lero ndiizi mukuzunzika kwa zaka 5. Amphunzitsi sinthani mkhalidwe wanu. You have the power to influence decisions but you’re too cheap when it comes to being bought. Look at what the

  12. Central says:

    Aphunzitsi mwaonatu tsopano simungafuninso umboni, akamati “mostly teachers are used like tissues!” amanena zimenezi!! You did all you could and made sure you forged all the election figures to put them in power, lero akutembenukirani akuti simukugwira ntchito ndipo musadye!! Kaya ntchito yake isakugwiridwayou ndiyo iti? Kaya!! Inu munkayesa mukukhaulitsa Chakwera, osadziwa ndi njoka mumathandiza ijaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Makani thoooooo aziphunzitsiiiiiiiiii lero bwanji pamenepo!!

    Nanunso a Musa and your team including the president ncthito imene mwagwira inu ndiyo it? Ya cashgate, maizegate, energygate, toxicacidgate, gate gate gate gate gate ndi kuotcha maofesi??? Awanso nawo awaaaaaaaaaa!!

  13. Mr says:

    On this case, the teachers are working on “osadya (wanjara) asagwire ntchito”

  14. Gift Mtelemuka says:

    nanga inu mukumajomba ku parliament nu?

  15. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    The said legislation is targeting teachers and civil servants who have long but genuine issues again the employer. Is it necessary to come up with a law specifically targeting a particular group of people in a society or community in order that they should not sit in on an account that they are resorting to such practices as a last measure? Teachers in some countries are highly respected in the same way lawyers are. Have a look at Japan or China.

  16. Mahera says:

    Getting mad with their failed responsibility. I don’t even remember when teachers had nationalwide strike in this country. I only remember that when APM was Minister of Education, they were riots at UNIMA, Minister of Justice sit-in at justice; now he is President, UNIMA closed, teachers down tools, Maizegate, innocent people killed at ACB and MEC, Corruption escalating, nothing is mmoving.

  17. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk eya tiyenaoni asalandile ndiponso azakuvotelaninso 2019 poti awa ndi amalawi osamva,adyela,ozikonda komanso opusa. Apondeleze kwambili uzimva kukoma wekha musa ndi chaponda!

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