Malawi govt maintains ban of dreadlocks and Hijabs in public schools

Malawi government has dismissed reports that through the Ministry of Education it has regulated and authorised putting on of Hijabs to children who are of Islamic Religion as well as allowing Rastafarian children in public school institutions in the country.

No Hijab in public schools

This follows circulation of a letter on the same through the social media.

The author of the letter addressed to all Education Division Managers, District Education Managers, Teachers Training Schools among others is not yet known but it bears the name of Dr. Ken Ndala, Secretary for Education, Science and Technology.

According to Deputy Director of Inspection and Advisory Services in the Ministry of Education Lindiwe Chide, the letter is fake.

However, Chide in an interview with a local radio on Monday said there have been continued discussions with relevant stakeholders on whether to allow children with dreadlocks in public schools as well as those of Islamic Religion to put on Hijabs.

Chide emphasized that all the letters from ministries bears a signature which is not the case with the letter in question.

According to the ‘Fake’ letter which Nyasa Times has seen, it is a constitutional right to every Malawian to access education as well as freedom of conscience, Religion and thoughts as provided on Section 20 and 23 or the Republic of Malawi.

Section 4 of the Education Act (2013) clearly states that it shall be the duty of the Ministry of Education to promote education for all irrespectively of race, ethinicty, gender, disability and any
discriminatory characteristics.

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11 thoughts on “Malawi govt maintains ban of dreadlocks and Hijabs in public schools”

  1. HD says:

    islam and rastarfarism are just good religion BuT having bad principles… How can one be punished with a cloth covering her head for the whole life in our hottest continet? Zinazi tikamatengera tidzifunsa. And you jah man, zimafuna anthu osamba izi! Why do u embarraz your children among their friends? Are you all samsons? This gvt is not of christians, muslims nor rastas, neither does it favour any group of religion. Mukuganiza kut bolali lilore zopusazi nkalasi muoneka ngat chan? Kayambitsen ma private anu ukoo.

  2. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    The Ministry of Education through the Malawi Government should be applauded for maintaining its stand on the ban to wear dreadlocks and hijab in public schools. The ban stores sanity in public schools. It has nothing to do with discrimination. France banned hijab.

    All school children should be in the same appearances donning school uniforms with their heads in neat haircuts so that it is difficult to identify each one of them by his or her faith. That is the code of dressing in public schools. If they allow hijab to be worn, then, in future Christians will be forced to wear it more especially if the country’s authority would be versed in the hands of Muslims.

    In Islamic institutions where Christians are employed, Muslims force Christians to wear hijab and later force them to convert to Islam. The same is true with Islamic banks. They do not allow Christians to get loans from them. You have to convert to Islam and then they will allow you to access the loan. Lucky that Malawi does not allow proliferation of religious banks.

    After all the Quran has about 20 or more Quranic passages in which its faithful are encouraged not to befriend Christians. But they appear friendly which in a way is cosmetic. However, Christians should read the Quran to understand them why they behave in the manner they do. Electronic versions are available. One can browse it through cell phones connected to Internet. John Major, former British Prime Minister, reads it. Former USA president Thomas Jefferson used to read it.

  3. D Kazembe says:

    Naphiri Sorry Its Not Alla Create This Country But Is GOD. U See Ur Mistake U Said Alla And Then U Put GOD. Islam Mumazuna A Kristu Kwambiri Mukhala Ndi Ufulu. Ndiye Pano Simukuyeneleka Kukhala Ndi Mpata Umeneoooo!!!!!

  4. uniquevell says:

    this is discrimination, muslims and rastafalias have rights too. let them enjoy there culture as we chriastias do. it is not fair

  5. GONANI says:

    Stop right there! No extremism in Malawi, we don’t want !

  6. GONANI says:

    Don’t even think about it! This shouldn’t happen in Malawi ever. Extremism is the last thing we would want to
    encourage in our country. So stop right there.

  7. bristone mabichi says:

    Islam came for slave trade. Jumbe, Kopakopa, kambondoma, Mlozi, etc These were just some of the murderers then. Kill every Khaffir and you call it a religion of peace. Circular as we are, but we need not abuse the circularism!!

  8. winston msowoya says:

    BRAVO THE GOVERNMENT.We must not do whatever the Muslims want our government to do.They have immense freedom in our country,while Christians are treated like slaves in their countries especially Africans.They are coerced to wear all sorts of Islamic garbage,Christians are frequently bombed while praying in their unsecured Churches so why must we allow these Jihadis to control us in our own country? In their shallow minds,Muslims think that they can dominate the whole of Southern Africa as they have done to part of West and North Africa.Malawians,we must be vigilant to defend our religious culture especially in the North.Once again,BRAVO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!

    1. AlFayeed says:

      This is Malawi a secular country and we have to follow our Constitution. If you have hatred for Muslims then think it twice. We us Muslims we are citizens of this land too, and if you read history properly the first religion to arrive here before David Livingstone toured this land its Islam. If the government want to bad Hijjab they have to continue who cares, our children will remain Muslims forever.

      1. saif kangulero says:

        Wise words from my lovely brother

      2. Naphiri says:

        Well said here. I wonder why some people hate the Muslims so much? Kodi anakudyelani chani chanu? Why don’t you for once accept that they are your fellow humans and this is their land as well as yours, of course given by our Creator, Allah (God). It really pains me.

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