Malawi Islamic Zakaat Fund appeals for donation

The Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) under the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has sounded an SOS (Save our Soul) calling on the Muslim community to make donations towards the fund.

Okhai appeals for help

Speaking at a conference held in Blantyre on Saturday, acting chairman of IZF, Kassam Okhai said it is time that the Islamic Community should understand the significance of charity and donate to the fund to ease its activities of supporting students with their education locally and internationally.

The Islamic Zakaat Fund was founded in 1991 to support needy Muslim youth with education bursaries and scholarships.

Generally, IZF contributes to student’s expenses such as tuition fees, examination fees, accommodation, transport, permit fees, medication expenses as well as monthly allowances for those who are abroad.

Since its registration in 1991, over 1,500 IZF sponsored students have graduated and are holders of different senior positions.

Currently, IZF is sponsoring over 300 continuing students at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) and other local colleges including over 500 students in secondary schools across the country.

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winston msowoya
Mr Chebaisi,Iam made to believe that you are as uniformed as the rest of you.Who are killing people and children by the most despicable weapons which use poisonous chemicals in Syria? Is ASAAD,President of Syria a Whiteman? Thank you for accepting my views in the sense that,Boko Haraam kills Christians, as for Muslims,that is your problem,and in Zimbabwe,Chimulenga fighters were fighting imperialist forces which occupied their land and not minority Ndebeles who were also fighting the same enemies in Southern part of Zimbabwe,shame,you don’t know the history of Africa perse.In Libya,it is Gaddafi who terrorised his own Muslim fellows and… Read more »
Mr Msowoya don’t comment issues that you no knowledge. For your information the so called torrorist doesn’t exist in Islam. I will not explore much. Those called torror groups are agents working for capitalists. Who knew that the much publicised African dictator(Gaddaf) his Son will be set free and set to rule Libya? I know you won’t understand because you’re a beneficiary of Western media whose interest is to serve the West. One thing you know is that the Arabs are so strong in defending their resources while you and I are not, take an example of your own Kayekela… Read more »
Joku joku

Good idea sure but where are your own Muslim university and or even primary schools and hospitals?????


Are chabulika’s and kunje’s children needy? We need not be greedy let us help those who desrve it.

winston msowoya

What does Zakaat fUNDS stands for? Please muslims,we don’t want another BOKO HARAAM,AL SHABAAB, AL NUSLA,ISS and other terrorists groups in our country.We don’t want another MIDDLE EAST pandemonium in our country.Why is it that Chritians are not allowed in your countries for instance Yazid Christians who have been brutally massacred by Islamic terrorist thugs and no Islamic nation has come to condemn these ungodly killers.We don’t want blood spilling in our region otherwise packup and go to Syria,Iran,Yemen,Qatar the list is long and leave us alone.

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