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Winston Msowoya

Mr Minister, do you really call MK620 to us1$ stabilizing or you are teasing Malawians? As the Minister,are you proud of your weak performance? Please redouble your efforts,people are suffering jokes aside.


theme of the story: kufuna kuwabela alimi afodya.

dumisani mwale

they just want to steal from us, these guys are clever come September and see how kwacha behave. awona fodya wayandikila eti!

Hear Hear

JB once said man is a very difficult animal. She narrated the story about a man and a horse. When the man was walking together with the horse, people found faults with him. When he rode on the horse, people found faults with him. When he carried the horse on his back, people found faults with him. This is what Malawians are doing. When the kwacha depreciates, people want Goodal’s head. When the kwacha appreciates, people want Goodal’s head. One wonders what then do Malawians want? A hopeless nation indeed!


The best way let farmers be paid in USA dollars and be given USA Dollars hard cash. Keep it and exchange it between November and February next year.

A farmer has endured all these months with the free falling Kwacha. Now you say Kwacha is appreaciating. What is causing Kwacha to appreaciate.


Thom osangoyamikira zili zonse. Think of a farmer who along the time was using his money on high prices of farm inputs. Today popeza akufuna kuyamba kugulitsa fodya amvekere ndalama yakwera. Zopusa izi popeza alomwe salima fodya you want to kill central region economically agalu inu

2016 welcome

What is the view of Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA) on this, that is if at all it exists.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

hahahaha this govt is a thief. you are deliberately appreciating the value of kwacha coz you want to milk tobacco farmers out. soon after stealing the hard earned money then you devaluate again. God will punish APM and his friend


I smell a serious conspiracy against a local tobacco farmers. I pray that my colleagues especially in the border districts will be smuggling their valuable commodity. By the way, Mr Zawadi Chilunga, the writer of this article, what type of Economics have you written here. I guess you read a bad book.


Kumanena zooona azungu abwera ndi ndalama zawo afuna amugule mulimi was fodya at a lower price.aku reserve bank machende anu osanena zoona bwanji.imatani kukhazikika mu January.