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Failure to discuss this report is failure to win back donor support. Actually this money is what is holding donors back..but can’t say it in open.

Gona Pa Muhanya

The problems of this country began when we put Bingu Muthalika in power. Kamuzu Banda Bakili Muluzi and Joyce Banda loved Malawians. But the Muthalikas have brought problems to our country. They must be banished from Malawi. They are thieves


This better be sorted out.NOW

Mlomwe original

Mwati za mk577bn zinakhala bwanji?
Mukuti ndalama zonsezii anthu anagawana.
Wina andilongosere.
Ndalama zacbuluka izi asa!!!

desmond mshali

yes malawians wants to know about their billions of kwacha,zachamba ayi !!!!

Mapazi asiyana

Can Jessie substantiate her claims that ministers are deliberately running away from debate? Thought the house is guided by its Standing Orders?

The Patriot
There is no secret under the sun, one day we will know the faces behind the 577bn MK cashgate scam, the murder of Chasowa and Njauju, and the July 20 massacres. As of now the fact is someone somewhere wants to suppress the truth. Ifetu olo ngati anthu zikuwakhuza amwalire or anamwalira tizayesesa mpaka nkhani zimenezi zizadziwike mitu yake. Mukuchenjera pano koma tsiku ndi limodzi a Malawi mudzawadziwa! Zibani, ziphani ndi thawi yanu. Mulungu akuona zonse ndipo adzakulangani, inuyo , ana anu ndi mtundu wanu!!! Twenty years from now anthu ena akuwononga dziko lathu ili adzakhala atafa ndi ukalamba, but… Read more »
No Laughing Matter

Why is everyone surprised Peter is protecting a brother pity the man is dead. Peter and Godwell came in as America’s expatriates. You could call them dead wood if you like. The country is on steep slope to no where. I hope these guys are able to sleep at night

Pamzuzu anthu akwiya

Zikoli analiononga ndi a dpp


The sooner the details of the Mk577 billion are exposed the better for the country. It is in the interest of the patriotic citizens of Malawi and donors to know those public servants who are clear of these cashgate issues before we can proudly claim to have people of integrity in our system. Apparently,there seems to be no urgency on this matter on the side of the Government.