Malawi Police arrest KCH nurse for stealing drugs

Police in Lilongwe have arrested a nurse working at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) for being implicated in a recent drug theft case that saw the arrest of two other medical workers at Mtosa Health Centre in Nkhotakota.

Virginia Thonyiwa: Arrested

Virginia Thonyiwa: Arrested

Police have identified the nurse as Virginia Kayoyo Thonyiwa (33) of Nkhakamira village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mabuka in Mulanje district.

Recently, police in Lilongwe first arrested Jimmy Potani and Dalitso Katete for illegally being found with 144 boxes of Azithromycin 500 mg tablets and five boxes of MRDs (Malaria test kits).

They later arrested two medical workers Waliko Kayuni (32) and Malison Kamalira (40) who worked as a nurse and a health surveillance supervisor, respectively, at Mtosa health centre for allegedly having had supplied the drugs.

“We have arrested the suspect, Virginia Kayoyo Thonyiwa who works as a nurse at Kamuzu Central hospital. This is in connection to the case of the 144 boxes of Azithromycin which were found with Jimmy Potani. In our investigations, Potani alleged that he had obtained the drugs from Thonyiwa.

“[Our investigations] revealed that Thonyiwa had stolen the drugs at KCH where she works,” said Constable Margret Selemani, deputy public relations officer for Lilongwe police station.

In a related development, police have arrested Omega Malenga Kumwenda aged, 24 of Njati Village TA Mazengela in Lilongwe for being illegally found with medical supplies, contrary to section 329 of the penal code.

According to Seleman, Police at Kawale the arrest of Kumwenda followed a tip-off alleging the suspect was illegally in possession of medical drugs and surgical items.

He said upon searching her house, the suspect was found with 41 tins of Nalidixic acid, three boxes of syringes containing 100 syringes each, six sacks of mosquito nets and one sack containing medical drugs.

She said police were still investigating to establish the source of the drugs and medical supplies.

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Good job Malawi police. Give her a hard sentence anzake atengelepo phunzilo


Don’t blame poverty for your criminal behavior. Anthu onse osaukawa bwanji samaba? The reason is more decay. That’s why these culpits must undergo some reform ku prison. Give good years to learn to behave in the country’s prisons. And indeed, don’t just stop there, awululane basi to get to the source. Govt is trying all it can to stock medical supplies while inu muli bzy kutibera.U’ll rot in jail, basi….




Most of the Hospital workers have opened Drag Stores in most locations . Check this out


Ndinanena ine kuti boma la Malawi limagula mankhwala koma mbava zilikuchipatala konko! Milandu pafupifupi yonse yikulowam’makhotimu mbava zache ndi anthu ogwira ntchito kuchipatala. Boma linapanga mistake polora kuti anthu ogwira ntchito muzipatala zaboma adzichitanso ma bizinesi a mapharmacy olo kutsegula ma private hospitals/clinics! Popanda kuletsa chimenechi anthuwa adzapitiriza kutibera mankhwala. Anthu akufa chifukwa chosowa mankhwala mzipatala. Ndinanenanso vuto lina loti anthuwa akumagawananso mankhwala a boma. Titati tiyende m’manyumba onse a anthu ogwira ntchito mzipatala mudabwa kuti mukhoza kutolera mathiraki-mathiraki- nkhokwe-nkhokwe zamankhwala. Chimenechi ndichilungamo?


Ukunama iwe mankhwala limagula ndi boma la America. Mathanyula angagule mankhwala pamene iye amangoganiza zogula magalimoto a State House ndi kuba K577Bn


Chiyambi cha zonsezi ndi umphawi ku Malawi. I have read an article on Nyasatimes saying Govt has failed to fund public hospitals. This includes salaries for these people. Stealing is bad, but lets think about the root cause of all this drama. Albino killings, nkhani yake ndiyofuna kulemera – reason – umphawi. God help us! MALAWI @ 52

Petre Mathanyula

Thonyiwa uyu si Mlomwe? Ndiye akubera boma la alomwe anzake. Kkkkkkk. Bola tiwone mathero a nkhaniyi.


POLICE should make dawn or night raids in all houses occupied by health workers whether they work in Public or Private institutions throughout Malawi especially in our cities. These people steal a lot from their employers especially those who are given authority to purchase drugs on behalf of their institutions. These people don’t receive much in salaries but their life styles leave a lot to be desired. We get amazed to see people such as nurses, lab attendants, health surveillance assistants, pharmacy assistants driving expensive cars and owning mansions. Wake up Malawi.


Mzipatala pafupifupi onse ma workers akumaba mankhwala no wonder tilibe mankhwala mzipatalamu. Pitani kuseli kwa Mulanje district hospital, mukapeza zinyumba zokongola za anthu a chipatala. Ma tiles pamwamba, good stuff amati ku bush. Akuzitenga kuti and yet we know their salaries.

Najere Chitekwe



why? They know themselves nde popeza la 40 likakwana umadzitchula wekha. Komadi nyumba nde zamangidwa ku bush.


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