Malawi Police arrest Magistrate Chinangwa, lawyer Ndhlovu over forgery and fraud

Malawi Police has confirmed the arrest of First Grade Magistrate Kondwani Chinangwa and private practice lawyer Patron Ndhlovu over allegations of forgery and fraud.

Magistrate Kondwani Chinangwa arrested

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the development in an interview.

He said Magistrate Chingangwa was arrested on Friday by the Fiscal Police department.

Kadadzera said the Magistrate will be taken to court to be formally charged and a bail bid be heard.

“Our officers are still investigating the allegations,” he said.

Chinangwa, who is also spokesperson of Association of Magistrates in Malawi (AMA),was arrested following allegations by lawyer Ndhlovu that he forged his signature for a garnishee order to an account of a defendant with Standard Bank of Malawi.

A garnishee order is a court judgement that authorises a creditor to seize and access money held by any person or institution on behalf of a debtor, according to a law expert.

But Fiscal Police fear the Magistrate was acting in cohort with lawyer Ndhlovu and that there is no forging of a signature.

But when Patron was brought to confront Chinangwa, he maintained the signature was for the Magistrate.

The lawyer, Nyasa Times understands, produced a text message showing communication he was having the Magistrate to meet and share the loot.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) disciplinary committee chaired by Solicitor General Janet Chikaya Banda, who is also Principal Secretary for Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs recommended for the disbarment and prosecution of lawyer Patron Ndhlovu for swindling clients’ money totalling to K11.9 million.

Another lawyer who the committee has recommended to disbar and be prosecuted is Kajani Banda who also received K1 million on behalf of his client but failed to remit it the client.


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19 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Magistrate Chinangwa, lawyer Ndhlovu over forgery and fraud”

  1. Zambian maize says:

    I said it ooooh. I am busy praying. God expose them all. If anything use the right misiles, ie, BP, stroke, cardiac arrest, kidney failure etc.

  2. Dumakuve Thom says:

    Vuto la ti ma lawyer tapa Malawi they are fond of tima status tabodza kwabasi.They want to be treated like small gods as if they are the only people who went to school.Kwachuluka ndikuba to fund the lifestyle they cannot afford with genuine money.Kwinaku kwachuluka ndikubera ma client. Amenewa ndiye ofuna kuwamanga nthawi yayitali coz they know the laws azikaseva ndi mzawo Kasambara. Shame indeed.

  3. Raymond says:

    Pls help iam in a similar position need interview with any paper my number 0997076477

  4. Ayuzy says:


  5. Nazi Party says:

    My Classmate Patron, whats the matter?

  6. pathfinder says:

    kkkkkkkk hahahhahaha Abiye you really are having sleepless nights because of chaponda? i mean this is a different article, what’s chaponda got to do with this? please man get a life, you’re boring.

  7. abiye says:

    Another prominent lawyer who has swindled malarians a big deal is chaponda. Why is he still a free man. There is enough evidence but why is he lector scort free to even travel abroad. A kadadzera james please explain to us why?

  8. mtete says:

    Bravo Police. These Liars called Lawyers are a menace. There are several others where these two come from.
    Keep it up.

  9. praisper says:

    Its a surprise kuti amapereka chopereka on church services kupusitsa anthu a pa dziko …….kodi mesa mumati God sees whatever we do on earth?………God forbid ……I will go to church when all lawyers in Malawi are prosecuted….. Not now.

  10. GREAT 1 says:

    mmakhotimu sizili boh. one ndazionapo. paliso wins third glade wakunkhamenya kukasungu plz anyasa ndipezeni umboni ulipo. tithwtse khalidwe limeneli

  11. gertude says:

    Yes they are really corrupted. No. 1 thieves are these lawyers and judges. Ine ndibweranso ndi wanga

  12. chamwini Kwawo says:

    Lawyer Patron, this boy will never change.

  13. PatronWakuba says:

    Patron Ndhlovu akufunika deliverance yamphamvu. Ziwanda zake ndi zaukali. Even ku Chanco ankaba osati masewera. He was so busy with stealing that he only managed to pass with a 3.0, bottom of the class.

  14. Mwana Wa Kumudzi says:

    Corruption country of Malawi…. Eisheeee..??

  15. Rosita says:

    Eiiiiish! Ma Lawyer mwaenjeza heavy. Kodi mukumaphunzira za umbava ku Chanco ku? Iiiiiiiiii!

  16. wa chilendo says:

    mmmmmmm magestrate amene. maloya omwe amayenela kukhala odalilika ndi omweso akuveka ndi mbili zoyipa. chilungamo chioneke basi ngati angapezeke olakwa lamulo ligwile ntchito.

  17. Nachanza says:

    koma ma lawyers mwatani kodi?

  18. KEN MWANGOFI says:

    who are we going to trust if the so called peoples legal aids are doing it wrongly. Who is going to stand for us. They are thieves number one. They went to school to train how to steel from poor people. SHAME

  19. Nachanza says:

    Koma ma Lawyers mukutichititsa manyazi

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