Malawi police lack forensic equipment to tackle hair raising crime investigations

Malawi Police say it is failing to conclude crucial hair raising crime investigations due to lack of forensic equipment forcing the law enforcers to use the painstaking manual investigations.

Commissioner Kainja: No forensic equipment

Commissioner Kainja: No forensic equipment

Commissioner of police for the centre George Kainja told the media recently on the sidelines of Christmas ball for senior officers in Lilongwe that the police was keen to conclude the 2014 fire that destroyed voting materials including ballot papers in Lilongwe.

Critics and social observers point fingers at Nicholas Dausi led National Intelligence Bureau for the fire.

Kainja also said the police are failing to conclude the July 2015 murder investigations of Anti Corruption Bureau official Issa Njauju due to lack of the sophisticated forensic equipment.

“Malawians should understand us, the police have no forensic machine. They use manual systems which we call rudementary investigations for forensic and scientific investigations,” said Kainja, the only serving police officer holding a doctorate degree.

The government has been severely criticised for its slowness in investigating the murder of Njauju whose body was found half buried near Presidential villas close to Kamuzu Palace in Lilngwe and his official vehicle was burnt.

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Sapitwa,if this is the way you think,then God help this country. A typical dpp stupid bootlicker. Kamuzu and mcp stopped ruling in 1994,some 22 years ago. And you blame lack of forensic equipment and biometric data on mcp?

You should put the blame on your thieving thugs of udf,dpp and pp who for 22 years had done nothing apart from massive selfish plunder of govt resources. Especially the king of thieves, dpp.

We do understand but this no excuse for your failure to put your resources together. From 1966 this country has received billions of Dollars of aid but to acquire sophisticated equipment for forensic was not your priority and has never been one. On many occasions Kamuzu boasted that our police was second to none.He wasted the Police resources on hunting for his dissidents the likes if Kanyama Chiume. Today the police is suffering the consequences for wrong priorities of MCP government. Now even if you can get those forensic equipment as a must, it will not assist much as Malawi… Read more »

nyumba za Hajat ndi Sembereka DPP burnt zija you never concluded those investigations as well

Mrs Malawi

It’s a shame that Malawi police collect fingerprints from crime scene but cannot compare it with anyone. Getting Police clearance is very easy in Malawi as they have no data base to keep records. Criminals get clearance easily


Yah thats what money is for , not for cashgating .


Kainja was definately drunk. Didn’t the IG recently say MPS was ready for any terrorist attacks? How can they be ready if they are using rudimentary technics? Is he contradicting his boss? He was obviously speaking under influence of chamba


The issue is not the equipment the learned police officer is talking about. The truth is; even if the machine were there, the situation wouldn’t have been any different from what it is now. The truth is just there but……….. If I were to choose which to belong to, I wouldn’t choose Malawi.


Our police is very useless greedy ever asking for fanta. They are out educated Londa. Just that they are uniform and have power which is always misused and target the poor. Coz the rich but then as londa’s.

kambindingu "hard & low"
kambindingu "hard & low"

Just good at fucking mahule ogwida during night patrols.


The police during Kamuzu good at catching
criminals and had no computers in their offices.If the govt officials can stop stealing money at govt coffers then you can have the equipment.Malawi is a strange country
Educated officials in govt driving expensive
cars while the roads are full of pot holes

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