Malawi Police press murder charge for Chanthunya, goes to crime scene

Businessman Misozi Charles Chanthunya, accused of murdering a pregnant Zimbabwean girlfriend, who was extradited back home from South Africa last week, has been charged with murder and was on Saturday taken by investigators to Lake Malawi resort district Mangochi the alleged crime scene to obtain information.

Misozi: Murder suspect for killing Gasa (insert)

Chanthunya made headlines in September 2010 after Nyasa Times first reported that the businessman skipped Malawi borders after his 25-year-old Zimbabwean girlfriend Linda Gasa went missing for almost a month.

The second-year Malawi College of Accountancy student was later found entombed in the 34-year-old Blantyre businessman’s private cottage in the southern resort town of Mangochi.

The married Chanthunya reportedly went to the Lake Malawi resort district to discuss with Gasa, his secret lover, about her five-month-old pregnancy. He wanted her to abort but she refused.

That was the last the two were seen together before the Blantyre businessman eluded police to skip the borders and the accountancy student was found entombed in the bathroom, decomposing.

An international man-hunt was launched with false sightings in South Africa, the United States and Cuba.

He was arrested in South Africa in 2010 but the suspect has been fighting extradition but arrived in the country last Thursday afternoon from South Africa after he agreed to face charges in the country.

National Police deputy spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude said Police have since charged Chanthunya with a murder offence and they are keeping him on remand.

“We have charged Mr Chanthunya with murder. He will be taken to court to be formally informed of the charges,” said Nyaude.

Before he fled the country, Soche Police in Blantyre invited Chanthunya twice when Gasa’s family reported her disappearance and he was allowed to go on both occasions.

Peter Chikwemba is the CID officer who handled the Chanthunya file when he was first arrested and let scot free. He was later transferred to Karonga.

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May your soul not rest in peace in Advance. Mpeni Ku Mpeni.


You needed to examine your testicles which sent you to empty the content on the unsuspecting Linda. Little did he know you were such a vicious empty headed evil being. If you didi not want her to be pregnant why did you not take her for contraceptives? You must really be empty headed rich fool

Linda LOVE

Every day I prayed that this man should come back here and face THE law. This guy, killed an innocent woman….. I mean look at him, no remorse. Was he even in prison? He don’t seem like someone who has spent the last 8 years in jail. This guy was a free man, eating sausages and partying in RSA while the Gasa family continued crying in silence. This Chanthunya name, a name associated with womanizing and murder. Oh justice delayed is NOT justice denied. I don’t care if you hang him or give him a life imprisonment, let him rot… Read more »


Nawo mahule akuma college anyanya. Kususukira ndalama yomwe mabweredwe ake sadziwa. Atsikana anyansi akukoleji inu mxiiiew


I urge the President to sign all death warrants so that all those on death row the likes of Kara and Chinampati, should be executed without delay to send a strong message to all those who may harbour similar intentions. Mr. Misozi Chanthunya, you are a disgrace.


Chitsiru cha mwamuna ichi chindele chakufikapo. Kupha munthu coz of nthumbo??? Will personally pay u a visit in maula adha


Why not just hang him as he was figthing extradiction for fear of that never waste time with this heartless dude


Useless businessman,how can you do such crime because your girl lover refused to abort your pregnancy.Why didn’t you use a condom in the first place if you did not want to in pregnant her?You had(have),so was no need for you to allow the abortion thing because the child was not even going to suffer like other children.Maybe you were making money using dubious means like miracle money and the likes.And you were very lucky to have a young lady who was willing to keep the pregnant…OH SHAME YOU FOOLISH GALATIAN!!!!!!!!


Inu bwana dziko lakukanikani munapanga zija ndi zopusa