Malawi Police ‘ready’ for demo: Mbewe, Usi blame CSOs

Malawi Police Services has said it is ready to  police and protect Malawians including those who will be take part in the January 13  anti-government  street protests  organised civil society organisations (CSOs) against the National Aids Commission’s (NAC) disbursement of funds to non-conventional organisations and governance concerns.

Police brass: Our priority is and will remain ensuring public safety

Police brass: Our priority is and will remain ensuring public safety

According to the police, the general public should feel free to go about their daily economic and social activities without fear as it is in full control.

National police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo told Nyasa Times that the police are ready to protect people and property .  She said they are not expecting anyone to misbehave.

Manjolo said Malawi Police Service is mandated by the constitution to provide safety and security to all citizens regardless of one’s standing in society and is also mandated to provide security in all planned demonstrations as stipulated in Police Act under part 9.

“We understand that these will be peaceful demonstrations,” she said. However, Manjolo said the police are ready to act lawfully if some people will start misbehaving in order to protect the property and lives of the innocent people.

“The organisers have assured us they do not want any trouble and their intention is to hold a short peaceful assembly before moving on,” she said.

Manjolo said law enforcers will act in a neutral capacity to facilitate the peaceful assembly and  expect those attending to ensure they do behave peacefully and they don’t become involved in trouble.

Police has since asked those who are taking part in the demonstrations to ensure that they are following designated routes to avoid the wrath from the law enforcers.

Some CSOs are taking to the street on January 13 against NAC’s disbursement of funds to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and Mulhako wa Alhomwe cultural group which counts President Peter Mutharika among its members.

But Cultural Heritage Cooperation of Malawi acting director Dr. Owen Mbewe has described the planned as unnecessary.

Mbewe said the CSOs have personal interest in the planned demonstrations hence their reasons for demonstrating are not valid.

“Where were all these people and CSOs when people were stealing money from government in the infamous cashgate scandal and hiding it in cars and roof-sealing, why did they not choose to demonstrate then?” pondered Mbewe when he addressed reporters.

He added, “I appeal to Malawians to change their mentality on how to deal with issues affecting the nation, people should not rush to demonstrate but try to find a peaceful solutions through dialogue.”

Adventist Development Relief Agency (Adra) deputy executive director Michael Usi has also argued that demonstrations against NAC disbursement of funds to non-conventional organisations do not have a valid basis.

“Demonstrations should lead to elements that should build Malawi and not just to show power and presence,” said Usi, who is popular for playing the actor ‘Manganya’ in the local television Aids drama Tikuferanji.

Usi accused organisers of the street protests of being confused in their approach.

Buts CSO’s spokesman for the demonsytrations, Timonty Mtambo, said those that are speaking against the demonstration were part of government propaganda machinery to frustrare the protests.

“It’s all system go, the demonstrations will take place peacefully and our message will be put across. It’s a right to demonstrate and also our responsibility to do it peacefully,” he said.

According to Mtambo, there will be wide range of issues of national concerns that will be covered in a petition to be presented after the demonstrations.

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Mtambo, why cant you start preparing for moyo wanu wakumwamba popeza kachilombo kanakuzwitani kale. Osathokoza Mulungu kuti wakupatsani mwayi woti mulape, mukamauza azungu kuti aleke kuthandiza boma la Malawiri ma ARV mukawatenga kuti inuyo, ku Nyika? Mungogeya mwano muli mumahotela akuno ku Malawi kwanu tchile lili thooooo ndichifukwa mukukanilira kwa anzanu kwanu mumasowa kopangilako misonkhano. Batimangilani nyumbazi kwathu kuno mudzazisiya ngati momwe mudatisiyitsila ife nyumba zathu ku Mzuzu achawafe a UDF

chatty man

Onse akutukwana anadya nawo


Mbewe and Usii are right. I think Mbuya ananena bwino kuti maburutu achuluka ku Malawi.


zoopsyezana tatopa nazo.dziko silanu nokha a nac athu akuvutika kusowa chithandizo muku gawa ndalama kumphwando la presdnt icho nde chinyengo.ngati simuntha ntchito surendani agwile ena not imbombo zyo mwanda izya kumatanga ha.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

A Manganya asanduka mbola masiku ano. Amayitenga ADRA ngati bungwe la mbuyache . he is into politics now buying favours from DPP

Blessings khonje

KKKKK akuluakulu to run agovernment is not easy dont accuse others but just polish ones mistake.Mr Manganza musatiwonongere ka program kathu talk zinazi outside.


No one can demostrate without proper rubish people can say no to demo or yes.demostrations are justifyed.




Plse dont deliberately choose to contradict urself. its bad people didnt demonstrate then for the cashgate past mistake. shud they still remain irresponsible? well done to be demonstrators bcoz u ve learnt from mistake. kupha
nyani nkusayang’ana nkhope.


Plse dont deliberately choose to contract urself. its bad people didnt demonstrate then for the cashgate past mistake. shud they still remain irresponsible? well done to be demonstrators bcoz u ve learnt from mistake. kupha
nyani nkusayang’ana nkhope.

Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka
Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka

Demo ya atumbuka iyi yazamkutu as usual!


Manganya has even turned Tikuferanji into politics, should we inform ADRA?


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