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MMalawi Waku Mudzi
Am still thinking about the MBC Drone saga in City Centre. We were discussing with my colleagues at lunch to say: MBC Head of Security has to be fired because he is to blame for the drone. He or she didn’t do a research of the area where they were filming. MCP building is very close to USA, RSA, Zambian embassies, etc. These are protected territories and are considered as foreign countries as per laws. The MBC crew were within these protected areas and it’s likely that the drone was flying on a NO GO zone areas of these embassies… Read more »
peter george

a MBC ndi akazitape DPP apita bwnji kumalo oti sanayitanidwe? Komanso katundu wawo chifukwa chiyani a MBC akhala chete? aPolice awa ngamsulizo.

c chimbatata

A Tereza Ndanga Kani ndinu achitsiru choncho! you think it’s only reporters who have Rights BUT not those who were holding the meeting? They have Rights to privacy, don’t you know that? As a reporter don’t you know about seeking consent first before doing doing your job?
You are just swimming in a pool of your own ignorance! Please refrain from exposing your GIGO (Gabbage In Gabbage Out). Rights should come with responsibility!


Do you know that MCP offices are close to USA Embassy? And MBC can dare fly an object close to the embassy offices. You must be joking.


Koma MCP very pathetic. Nhanza zakalekale zopha a chi na Gadama, Matenje, Chiwanga, Sangala simudasiyebe?


Inu ndinu a chitsiru, look at aaters with a sober and objective mind


a MBC amakatani poti kwawo ndikutukwana MCP…….SHUPIT MBC

Shadow MP

MBC is behaving like it’s in political alliance with DPP, will it roll up its operations when DPP regime is over in 2019? This is executively shameful


Good advice from misa Malawi be professional you will not been harassed/embarrassed


Kkkkkk MBC isovenge. Agalu achabechabe inu zitsiru mbewa za anthu mbuzi zenizeni. Tionana 2019 tidzakudulani michira. Drone paliponse. Munapita kolakwika. Iwenso Tereza Ndanga as chair of MISA Malawi you need to advise your journalists not to invade territories without proper planning with the owners of the premises. Surely these MBC fools did not seek prior consent to cover the MCP NEC meeting which was reportedly being held in camera. Next time be professional. MBC la forty lakukwanirani kkkkkk musovenge!!!!

Kantyali Phyiphyiti

MCP should never be intimidated by the police and should not return the drone to MBC. The reason given by MBC for flying their drone is a mere excuse to run away from the truth. I suspect they were spying on MCP and its supporters should break it into pieces.