Malawi President Mutharika asked to resign by opposition MCP, PP

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its parliamentary bedfellow, the People’s Party (PP) have openly told President Peter Mutharika and his government to resign for failing to solve myriad economic problems.

Mutharika told to resign
Mutharika told to resign

Speaking at the just ended high-level conference of civil rights and religious leaders and academics, who met in Blantyre under the aegis of the quasi-religion Public Affairs Committee (PAC), MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila did not mince words: “He (President Mutharika) must resign. He has completely failed Malawians.”

Kabwila added: “Unfortunately his incompetence is costing lives of Malawians. Malawians no longer want him.”

She said the acute food shortages, the ailing economy and other problems rocking the country is a clear indication that Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government are “clueless” on how to run the affairs of the country.

Kabwila said: “For us, there are no words to say—the DPP has failed miserably, we don’t need a microscope to see… We are in a crisis.”

PP vice president Kamlepo Kalua and party publicist Ken Msonda also asked for the immediate resignation of the President and his government, saying every Malawian knows that his administration has completely failed the nation.

“As People’s Party, we demand immediate release of the maize if at all they have it… We are giving them 30 days, if they don’t have food in Admarc markets, government should step down because it has failed Malawians,” said Msonda.

Kalua said Mutharika should “pack up and go”

He said: “We are giving him 90 days to resign because all these problems it is because of Professor Peter Mutharika. He has failed in two years to manage the economy, he has failed to show leadership, he is ruling this country by remote [control].”

However government spokesman Jappie Mhango said in an interview at the conference that Kabwila, Kalua and Msonda were over excited, overzealous and probably constipated.

“You cannot take Kabwila, Msonda or Kamlepo serious, they are jokers,” said Mhango.

“The President cannot resign and will never think of it. Everyone knows that the problems facing Malawi are not manmade and this government is doing all it can to deal with them and very soon all the problems will go,” he said.

Mhango defiantly said MCP and PP should be prepared to be in opposition for lengthy period.

“The DPP government will be there until 2019. We will renew our mandate for next five years to 2014 to be in power. Tough luck MCP and PP,” Mhango told Nyasa Times.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mlomole said calls for the resignation of the President were individual or party sentiments, saying PAC is yet to release its resolutions and recommendations.

Mulomole, a Catholic priest, also dismissed press and social media reports that the Catholic Church was against the meeting, saying to the contrary, it had the blessing of the largest and influential church in Malawi as evidenced by the attendance to the meeting of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi general secretary Henry Saindi.

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4 years ago

@ kenk you are absolutely right MCP and PP they think they will take over but if the president willfully resigns then the vice president will ascend to power thus what the constitution says. Dyera ndilomwe likutipweteka. To me PP is doing this out of frustration amidst the court revelations by the convicts(cash gate) and MCP is due to Americans funding in pursuing the Gay issues a thing which APM said let Malawians judge knowing fully that our answer is NO.

4 years ago



Those are the consequences of an ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENCY!!!!

Ahbig Mhone
Ahbig Mhone
4 years ago

Gents Open Your Eyes And See, Some Of The Example Of Killing Z Nation: Educaion Sector No Std Eight Certificates, Form Two{ Jce} No Certificate But We Pay Exams Fee, Term Fee Sure From Std Eight To Form Four No Any Paper. Malawi Is Now Not A Warm Heart Of Africa But A Heart Ov Devils

4 years ago


This man should have never been allowed in Office !..

Many are suffering and many thousands will die before the worst is over…

DPP is a party of DEVILS!… Also a Religious Leader should not be President… Take a good look
at THE HATE THAT RELIGIOUS LEADERS PREACH right now in the country ..

The DONORS SHOULD NEVER RETURN… Malawi is hopeless !!

4 years ago

Please note, pac has not called for apm to resign but Jesse and kamlepo. Also calling for apm to resign doesn’t mean the opposition are planning a coup, absolutely not. After all if apm resigns, another dpp person will take over the leadership, Chilima and finish the term to 2019. Change of the dpp leadership or presidency could actually lead to new dpp direction in trying to solve the national problems.

But this will not happen anyway. So tough luck we in opposition.

4 years ago

Only Thabo Mbeki had resigned in Africa

4 years ago

mufa ngati bingu a peter.mungotula pasi udindo

Timo wakammawa
4 years ago

komwe zikupita ndikonkuja kwa dzana.Zidateronso paja.Koma zisateronso,ayi.

4 years ago

I now agree when it was said Chakwera is planning to takeover the Governemnet by force. This is a real . must have planned this with Joyce Banda. Malawians are very foolish people . How can you remove the president only for less than two years. My question is one of the following fit to be the PRESIDENT DAN MSOWOYA ULADI MUSA KEN MSONDA CHAKWERA I DONT SE ANY. ITS BETTER TO BRING CHAKUWAMBA THAN ANY OF THESE THUGS BRAVO BINGU UYAMBE KUWAPONYA MMODZI MMODZI KU NZELEKA LIKE BANDA AND THESE FOOLS WILL LEARN A LESSON. AGRU KUSAPHUNZIRA BAASI. CHAKWERA… Read more »

titani ngati momujanso

lam helpless lcan see the wind blowing to past direction.Weneed to inform each other the truth.Otherwise gvt and oppstn should beable tofore see the effects of their decisions respectively.

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