Malawi Revenue Authority beats target by K11 billion

Tax collector, the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) says it hs beaten its own set target of revenue collection by K11 billion between July and August and hoped for improved government service delivery.

Kapoloma: MRA has collected over K160 billion

MRA manager for corporate affairs Steve Kapoloma told the parliamentary committee on Budget and Finance on Tuesday that the target was K150 billion in the two months but MRA has collected over K160 billion.

“This is encouraging and we will continue to collect more,” said Kapoloma.

He attributed the surplus in revenue collection to government decision to raise some taxes as well as the creation of new border posts which are mainly focusing on revenue collection, especially on routes used by traders who run away from paying taxes.

In the 2017/18 fiscal year, MRA collected 95 per cent of the set target, forcing the government slump in some service delivery to its people.

Vice chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee John Chikalimba thanked MRA for striving to collect more revenue for the government coffers.

He asked MRA to sustain this feat.

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“Creating more border post for traders who runs away from declaring customs” What about amwenye amene sakulipila misonnkho? Useless government that target the poor Malawians.


apumbwa a makaka amtambomtambo atekete dzipwete tsopano!!!!!!


You will continue collect or striping poor Malawians and give it to the Apumbwa.
Escom is on its knees begging from Banks just K30. kikkkkkkkkk zilikotu.


mwina akuba akuopa chilima


This is a clear indication that Malawians are being over-taxed by Govt and our monies are abused by politicians. Malawi has heavy taxes in the world. No wonder that poverty levels are high day after day and foreigners are getting richer and richer.
We have nothing to smile over MRA. Too much taxes rendering Malawians to become poorer and poorer