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Maxwell Nsani
I do not agree 100%. there are several reasons why the courts send people to Prison when they commit an offence under the law; 1- Rehabilitation ie to correct them and fix their behaviour making them into better citizens 2- Punishment- to make them pay/suffer for the wrongs they have committed. That is why in chichewa it is called ` chilango`, meaning kulanga ochimwayo. Courts pass judgment, so yes the offenders are judged! 3- Deterrence- to make those people a lesson to others who may be be thinking of committing offences as well. Now politicians will often talk of rehabilitation… Read more »

100% I agree with my president, we don’t need prisons to punish people but prisons to rehabilitate people. We have no right to punish or kill someone all is in the hands of God. I would like also to see murderers not to be sentenced to death, but life imprisonment. Let God judge not us


Koma ndiye kunali anthu ocheeeeeeeeeeepa…

special advisor

That’s a good sign that people are buzy and are prioritizing. Osati muli konse spite president, go konko, like a remote controlled gadget. And as though you nothing else productive to do.


Agree! The Prisons should be centers for behavioral change. Infact the inmates should acquire skills through artisan training where carpenters, bricklayers, Auto electricians etc can be produced. Education can also be introduced through which inmates can be educated.Government departments should hire these services and in this way, the Prisons will be self sufficient financially.